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The DumbAss Speaking

The DumbAss Speaking


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Christopher Blake is a loving husband...devoted father...minister...crippled ex-cop...screenwriter...novelist...actor...and more than a little rough around the edges...

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There are striking similarities between the TV show "LOST" and the Bible. Especially the ultimate battle between Good and Evil. If you want to know how God works in peoples lives, and how he has throughout history, listen in. You'll... more

is there a difference between living, and just existing? Are dreams worth following? How much desire does it take to persue your dreams in the face of overwhelming odds? Join us as we talk with our special guest LACY BLAKE.... more

I suffered a heart attack about two hours after my radio blog last Tuesday. I was rushed to the hospital where a heart cath was done and a stent put in. If you want to know what it's like...and how it can, and should change your life...listen in.

Pat Robertson and others have blamed not only the recent earthquake, but all of Haiti's problems over the last two hundred years on a pact with the Devil to overthrow the French. Are they right? What is the correct Biblical answer?

Many Christian groups are pushing for Creation science, especially in the guise of Intelligent Design, to be taught in public schools. What does the Bible say about this? How should we, as Christians, respond? Does the Bible give us answers?

The inagural show of the Dumb Ass Speaking. We will be covering everything you ever wanted to know (or didn't want to hear) about the hot topics of today that everyoone else is talking about...from religion to the ultimate conspiracy... more
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