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The Doug Hagmann Radio Show

The Doug Hagmann Radio Show


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Using his 30+ years of investigative experience, Doug Hagmann takes on the Deep State and those who facilitate the Progressive, Socialist Communist and Islamist agenda in a factual, take-no-prisoners approach. Hagmann has worked as an informational and operational asset for the FBI, the United States Department of Justice, the Pennsylvania and New York State Police and has handled thousands of civil and criminal cases ranging from fraud to homicide. This show exposes the larger agenda and objectives of the Deep State actors like no other.

On-Demand Episodes

All is not what it appears to be, but one thing is certain: events taking place today, whether on the streets of Paris to the halls of congress in the United States, there is a dark force behind the agenda of the Globalists. Doug Hagmann... more

We are approaching critical mass in America and throughout the West in the war waged by the Globalists against the patriot nationalists. Multiple battlefronts exist, including and especially against President Trump, who serves as the... more

The exposure of the Deep State continues; Comey further implicated in coup against President Trump The FBI and Fake News concurrent roles in surveillance of President Trump; The enrichment of Mueller and Comey as they work with... more

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has just released the sentencing guideline memo against General Michael Flynn. Interestingly and ironically, it appears focused on matters about unregistered lobbying for Turkey in violation of the Foreign... more

It's obvious that justice, although painfully slow in coming, is beginning to make an appearance as recent headlines suggest. In this episode, very detailed information about the Mueller-Clinton-Obama Uranium One crimes are reviewed against the... more

Most people are aware of the many conflicts that exist within the Mueller Special Counsel and Robert Mueller himself. However, most people have not done the research to be fluent in the very important and very specific aspects that make... more

The war in which we find ourselves – this convoluted hybrid of a civil war – is playing out before us and destroying not just our country, but real people – real lives in the process. It is important to understand that this... more

President Donald Trump lashed out at Robert Mueller early this morning - for good reason. He's desperate and gone 'rogue.' Show Notes The Hill - Conflicted Prosecutor Gone Rogue Extra Credit - Listed to this Michael Caputo broadcast... more

FEEDBACK: Doug@Hagmannreport.com Patreon & the Hagmann Forum: https://www.patreon.com/hagmannreport Follow Doug Hagmann on Twitter: @HagmannPI Doug Hagmann on GAB: @DougHagmann - #DHRS –... more

The House Oversight is finally issuing 11th hour subpoenas to former FBI Director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, but to what end? Meanwhile, federal prosecutor John Huber is being summoned before the... more