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The Dais

The Dais


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Different personalities discussing their spirituality; hosted by an open-minded skeptic and a Mormon

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We all know what a sin is—or do we? Various religions approach the concepts of good and evil in different ways. And even within religions (within families, within companies, among friends) people will differ on what is sinful,... more

Spiritual as we are, we must acknowledge that there are people out there who insist that God does not exist. They can get rather angry about it. We will calmly, non-judgmentally present some of the prominent arguments for the... more

Is there any validity to The Secret? That is Rhonda Byrne's self-help book, which promotes the idea that the power of positive thinking can bring riches and happiness. Does that square with experience? We'll delve.

Conflict seems inevitable whereever there is life. Does it follow that evil is also inevitable? We will discuss the nature of evil and the various depictions and conceptions of the devil.

Juli James is one half of Juli and Stacy, friends, bloggers (http://stacyandjuli.blogspot.com/) and adventurers who take pilgrimages in search of -- as they say -- "good question. What are we trying to find?" They point to... more

What do people commonly mean by the term "epiphany." What did it mean to our forefathers? What is it like to have an epiphany? How does that relate to the word and concept of "revelation"? Will there be more questions than answers? Tune in!

Times are tough. People are hurting. Financially, spiritually, people are being tested as never before. How can a walk of faith restore a person's love of life and of God and inspire a willing acceptance of the challenges we face?... more

What is a devout churchgoer to do? What happens if your church—whether its leadership, worshipers or both— begins to drift away from the rituals, community feeling or very beliefs that attracted you to it in the first place? Our... more

Are younger people less inclined to follow the rituals of their inherited religions? Many of their elders would say so. Our guest is psychologist and playwright Dr. Mimi Scott, who will share her observations of the change in... more
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