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Christian Sportsman Radio Show with Derryck McLuhan

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My name is Derryck McLuhan, and I'm a globe-trotting troubadour of grace who started The CenterEdge to join your version of the adventure I've been on for the last 35 years.

A long time ago God walked me through a 7-year experience of exposing and breaking down a bunch of faulty belief systems. He set me free from many of the chains and burdens I lived with, and opened my eyes to the reality of himself (truth has a way of doing that). My life is still messy, and sometimes I find it hard to put up with myself. Still, nothing could persuade me to go back to the false notions I had about my relationship with Jesus.

Where did I acquire the false notions? From the many voices preaching, writing, and singing to me about how to have a "better" relationship with Jesus. But the formulas didn't work. Evidently I was the problem, right? So I set out to fix myself, tuning in to more and more voices along the way. That just made it worse. Eventually I burned out, waived the white flag at God, and begged him to fix me. That was the beginning of my 7-year overhaul.

Along the way I learned that many of the voices (including my own) said stuff that was not only disconnected from real life, but it was also a massive misrepresentation of what the Bible actually says. When it finally came to me that the One Voice was the only one worth listening to, freedom, grace, and Life took over.

What do your voices say? If they tell you to clean up your act for Jesus, or try harder to please God, or that you are unacceptable to him in your present condition . . . then you need to flick their "Off" switch.

How do we learn to distinguish the One Voice from the rest? How did we get so far off base, and what will it take to get us back to center?

Let's talk about it.