The Art of Film Funding

The Art of Film Funding

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Alternative financing concepts for documentaries and features from an idea thru distribution with Carole Dean, successful author/producer/film grantor.

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Mark Mori give us great advice from his successful Crowdfunding from 30 countries using unique social media ideas. For information about From the Heart Productions and Carole Dean please visit
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Michael Wiese shares stories of his brilliant life with luminaries like Shirley MacLane and Buckminster Fuller. His stories of raising money for filmmaking are creative, hilarious and touching. Most of this is from his new Engaging book,... more

This episode is about financing your doc and feature film with our guest veteran Actor/Writer/Producer Tom Malloy who has raised over $14 million. He's the author of BANKROLL II, A NEW APPROACH TO FINANCING FEATURE... more

Our guest, Demetrius Bagley, is a business producer of Vegucated. He will share secrets of their successful production and marketing campaign. Learn more at info about Carole Dean and From the Heart... more

Our guest, Filmmaker Scott Glosserman, director of Behind the Mask and Truth in Numbers has created, a distribution on demand for docs and features giving filmmakers an opportunity to screen their films in more cities and make... more

Tom Malloy & Carole Dean discuss their upcoming Intentional Filmmaking Class. Tom tells how he raised over 14 million. Please email any questions for the show. In addition to his work as an actor and filmmaker, Tom... more

We'll be discussing The American Jobs Act of 2012 and how you are allowed to market your film to potential investors. Corky Kessler explains how you can now raise up to one million dollars under this new law. To learn more about... more

Carole Dean, Writer/Producer, author of The Art of Film Funding has raised over $500K for filmmakers on Indiegogo and teaches how to use your right brain to conceptualize your future and make it happen. We cover the power of your mind... more

Our guest Patricia Antelles gives us a complete understanding of the new transmedia platform and it's full potential. She is an accomplished interactive designer, writer and filmmaker in the new media forms. Films with Transmedia... more

Bob Seigel, film industry attorney, shares important legal advice for documentary and feature filmmakers. Protecting your ownership, contracts, foreign distribution and other important issues are clarified. To learn more about Bob Seigel... more

Our guest, Sam Dlugach will discuss how to save money on post production for your film. He's been coloring moving images for 25 years and has worked as final colorist in every imaginable genre, including feature film, episodic television,... more
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