The Answer to Movie Troll Insanity

The Answer to Movie Troll Insanity

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The purpose of this podcast is to provide reasonable and healthy opinions and discussions in regards to film and entertainment.

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ZodWriter & California Guy discuss various topics!

ZodWriter & California Guy discuss various topics!

ZodWriter & California Guy talk about various topics! This show takes an interesting turn as we get a surprise guest former The Answer To Movie Troll Insanity Co-host turned Hollywood Knight Mr HollywoodRape!!!! Tune in and... more

This special show is dedicated to http://WWW.TALKBACKWORLD.NET Today I was very interested in the TALKBACK SHOW topic entitled DO THE JEWS RUN HOLLYWOOD & DOES IT MATTER? I called into the show because I wanted to... more

This episode is meant as a transition onto a new network starting Tuesday 6/26/2012 at 9pm EST ONLY on P.S.N radio! Special Thanks to ThaJackal!!!

Superman Vs The Elite has hit stores everywhere! We dive right into the story and it's implications on human society. Expect this podcast to explore the relevance of Superman as a goody goody hero in a world full of anti-heroes.... more

This special episode addresses some issues and concerns.

This show takes a look back at the most popular TV series ever based on a comic book. We take a look at the present and we look forward discussing the comic book based on the most popular Tv Series ever based on a comic book.

Roberto Williams is an artist and filmmaker. Glad to have him on the show.

Jett & Shawn love us some Chris Nolan!