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Fredrick Bletson, Jr

The AGE Zone


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Walking worthy in the world requires a personal commitment towards Essence Self Concentricity: what I say, what I do and my inner or essence self truly become the same. This process begins when one develops an Awareness of the Universal or Spiritual Laws available to each individual. That awareness or awakening can and will lead to inner Growth for anyone willing to open and expand their hearts and minds to Spiritual Truths. Enriched living is the life changing result that happens by embracing truth and accepting change, translating our living into a Spirit-led, purposeful existence of consistent joy, peace, and contentment. The Awareness, Growth, and Enrichment (AGE) Zone is a place to come together, discuss and discover fundamental principles that will lead to innate and profound understandings that support the development of strategies with very high probability of working when applied. Strategies to address and eliminate life-related barriers; barriers that have held us back from the balance and peace that is available to each of us…”Peace that surpasses all understanding”. So, what are you waiting for? Join me in the AGE Zone!

On-Demand Episodes

Spiritual Laws – Your world is enclosed within spiritual laws. We will briefly examine 9 of the many spiritual laws, while focusing on two; the law of Being and the law of Cause and Effect.

Life Maneuvering Domains –Listen and ask questions as Fredrick Bletson introduces 6 spheres of influence essential to connecting the sub-systems of our personal world.

Governing Values – Join me in a discussion regarding universal core values and their importance in maintaining balance and peace in your personal world.

Stations of Life – Listen and explore the 10 Stations of Life of our world. The question…who’s in charge? will be discussed.

Join us for the following topics: November 12, 2009, 8:00 PM PST In Search of Self – Understanding the importance of knowing who you are can lead to the appreciation of your life journey. A discussion regarding the difference between... more

Join us for the following topics: November 5, 2009, 8:00 PM PST Reality Check – A discussion about the difference between fantasy and reality is always relevant. So, let’s talk about the chaos that is created when we attempt to make... more

Join us as we explore the AGE system, see the schedule below for the upcoming topics: October 29, 2009, 8:00 PM PST Truth 101 – Hear and discuss the correlation between Truth, Change, and Wisdom and what you can expect with... more

Join us for the following topics:
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