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Hosts Burner & Ahnesty talk about issues affecting our relationships! Anything under the sun is fair game!! Sunday Nights 9p-11p!!

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Little Girls are the MOST precious things ever! But the are a BITCH to deal with!!! Why do young GIRLS today seem so much more OUT OF CONTROL than before? Is this a direct reflection on their MOTHER's? Do you see your Mother... more

You ever ask yourself this question? By now, if you're STILL single, could the problem be with YOU? What do you do that is turning folks away? Are you a good "starter", but horrible "finisher" in relationships? What are you bad habits? Do... more

Ever find yourself "Feeling" someone a little more than you expected? How do you know when you're Crushing on someone? Do you Speak on it? What are some signs that someone has a Crush on you? How do Crushes make you... more

Is it possible to date without a purpose? Do you always have to have a "destination" when dating someone? Is it inevitable that one will fall for the other? And if and when that happens, how do you proceed without ultimately... more

Is it the way I look? The way I'm dressed? The way I speak? The pictures I'm tagged in? What made you think I was ______? Are YOU frequently misjudged? Do people think you're something you're really NOT? Does your... more

Do YOU give it up TOO quickly? Is Sex Addiction REAL, or just an excuse for Whoredom?? How soon is TOO soon to enter into a sexual exchange? We'll discuss this, and MUCH MUCH MORE!! Sunday night from 9pm-11pm on,... more

You ever catch yourself in a dilemma where you cant decide if you should be in a relationship due to a "technicality"? Is a Friend of a Friend ok to date? Is your friend's Ex fair game? How about your cousin's cousin? We'll Discuss This, and... more

Is there a such thing as being "TOO BLACK"? Have you ever met someone who's "blackness" was a turn-off? Does this new "Natural" movement with women seem like a fad of extreme "Blackness"? Does being "Too Black" affect how we... more

WE'RE BAAACK!!! How do you move on after breaking UP??? Do you just Go WILD, or do you ease back into things cautiously? How do you get to the point when you're ready to MOVE ON from your past? What obsticles have gotten in... more