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The Blog is about Women and people in general coming together. To talk about life love, music, religion, politics, fashion and the general craziness after graduating college. Our real world... The Ones you can depend on telling you how it is everytime.

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Tonight on The Ones after a recent article crossed our paths the ones decided to discuss the issue... Whats wrong with dating outside ur race... I mean media says us black women are doomed when it comes to finding a black man, finding... more

On tonight's episode of The Ones we discuss that B*tch (justice) and all her lies... After the recent execution of Troy Davis.. Its time to look at the Justice system. Is it truly just? Should we really be putting our lives on the line for a system... more

Yea The Ones are going there.... Tonight on The Ones we discuss this whole terrorist stuff. Are we as Americans a little at fault for these attacks... How did we not see this coming? Tonight we discuss..

with this sudden new desire to be natural an be part of the "in crowd" I ask why go natural ? Tonight on the ones we discuss hair trends. If natural ain't you don't do it ! We will discuss the ups and downs of being natural. And why its... more

Tonights topic ... Where have all the mom and pop shops gone ? tonight we discuss Gentrification is it really that bad? Is the idea of advancement an evil idea? Is upgrading the poor area a bad idea as long as the city sees a positive... more

Tonight on THE ONEs we discuss party lines. Americans choose parties in order to say they support certain ideals its black and white. But the truth is politics is all the about the gray. We go into what these parties truly stand for.. We the... more

Now that we are completely muddled in this economic crisis. We must begin to ask ourselves. Do we still belong to certain a class? Has the structure of our society been so altered that we no long truly have a middle class ? Or are we... more

This Week's Episode of The ONEs is the seasonal return of The voices you have been missing.... This weeks episode is discussing the states deciding what women can do with their bodies and When they can do it... If you have been... more

what is about marriage that so many strive for... Why is it held on such a high pedestal? Do you know the true history of marriage? Are all our ideas of marriage simply fairy tales... does love have anything do with it ? Tonight THE ONES... more

This week on THE ONES we are discussing forward movement in life whether it be career, relationships, personal goals.. What steps need to be taken to get start those new chapters...
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