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Revelations-Bible Study #1 Bible Scholar Troy Marchbanks

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Revelation has been read for thousands of years as a code that, properly interpreted, can reveal the secrets of history and the end of the world. Yet for many, it is difficult to unravel.

If you wish to learn more about where modernity is situated in relevance to the last days, and even if you do not wish to learn about where you should spiritually be anchored in these end times, I encourage you to listen to these lessons.

For the Bible fortells us that these things will occur:

The clarion call will go out that the earth is in its final days, and to turn and worship the Creator God.

And that the main participants in this call are 144,000 chosen/sealed by God's Holy Spirit to give His end time message. "These who are they" also receive special protection during the tumultuous events coming on the earth and survive to witness the second coming of Christ.

Words of warning and woe (the sweet/bitter scroll) will go out to all the nations. "Repent and turn to God!" Most don't heed the call and continue in immorality, rebellion and sorcery.

The seals will be opened and God's judgments will begin to fall on the earth, and Jesus Christ will ride out at the head of the armies of heaven to do battle with the earth. Trumpet after trumpet will sound, vial after vial will be poured out upon the inhabitants of the earth.

Join us for this series.It will impact your life!