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A symposium for leaders across the country, who are living a purpose driven life and would love to share their passionate convictions on education,church ministry, family issues, economics, and politics in order to create unity in their community. Real Talk with THB combines pastors, evangelist, teachers, speakers, writers, and attorneys on one platform, come join us!

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tune in for this segment of Hey Sis, I Need A Word! The topic for this episode is 'Promotions'. Many of us seek higher pay, salary increases, or elevations on our secular job naturally, but what about in God's Kingdom? The Lord is so soon to... more

You wonder why the wise men gave the child Jesus gifts? What customs are traditionally reserved for Kings,royalty, and prophets? Here in this episode, we will look closer at the gifts God gave while on earth, and those He impart to us... more

Don't miss this episode as we discuss Jesus return as the world around us is changing: socially,legally,economically, and spiritually to usher in the anti-Christ who will wage war on the saints whom God is going to rapture in. Get ready... more

Tune in to this broadcast of Hey Sis, I Need A Word! This evening we are prompted to go deeper in the treasures of God to hear a word from Him more clearly. if you are praying for certain changes in your life, you have to... more

In this episode, the message that God is the master is a concept we are analyzing deeply. who is or what is the cornerstone of your life! What does it teach you? A master has perfected some art some skill set at a high degree, however, no... more

Listen to this episode of HEY SIS, I NEED A WORD ! Our topic this evening is knowing if you live for God, He will protect you and keep you during stressful and uncertain times. Gods people do have a hedge around them. I did say Gods... more

Tune in to this episode as we look into the word of God as He instructs us on how to build a house. In this hour before the Lords return, many ministries are seeing a lot of spiritual warfare,crime,and broken families without any end in... more

join us for a bible study on the plaques sent against Pharoah when Moses and Aaron commanded him through God to let His people leave Egypt to worship Him. As we look at the meaning of each plague and Passover the details God... more

Many people all around us, and even those we believe are doing very well are fighting a spiritual war. Pother stakes are high,the nations all across the globe are managing crisis. as prophecy unfolds we must be ready to engage the satanic... more

Join us for this episode as we focus on God's great love for His people despite our love for the world. We see a spike in crime, and not only serious violations of the law but heinous crimes in this generation of lust of the flesh and pride... more