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A symposium for leaders across the country, who are living a purpose driven life and would love to share their passionate convictions on education,church ministry, family issues, economics, and politics in order to create unity in their community. Real Talk with THB combines pastors, evangelist, teachers, speakers, writers, and attorneys on one platform, come join us!

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In today's world, their is so much going on spiritually, because satan knows his time is very short, as such there is more crime, more hunger, more debt, more stress, more unemployment, and the church of yesterday has quietly went into... more

Join in for this episode of Hey Sis, I Need a Word! This is a session speaking about the prophecy headed our way as the Lord shows that Israel is his. A judgement on the U.S.A is ripe for the picking as we just went through a total... more

As our nation sees so much violence, and protesting, many people will have their oppinions as to how they feel about current events, but as we look at the country and the laws that are being passed against illegal immigrants and marriages of... more

In this broadcast, we will be discussing the importantce of letting go of the things of this world so that your walk with God is pure and Holy. Many people are trying to have one foot in the kingdom and one in the world, and many... more

Join in with this talk on the seperateness that the saints of God are suppose to live in their lives. We are critically looking at the mandates of Moses from God and the distinct call of God for the Jewish people to honor certain customs and... more

this evening the saints are praying into the realm of Heaven for the Lord to show Himself mighty in our lives. We are all interceding for the saints in the armed forces, our children and leaders, as well as family members. Tune in as fetters... more

Life is full of upsets and downturns, but don't let those rob you of joy. If you need a little pick up and inspiration,hear the word of God this eveing to build your Faith. Many times we are alone with our own thoughts at the end of the day, and a... more

Many times in our lives, we hit a stumbling block or season of downturn which seems like an endless battle, but how do we stay focused for change? How do we expect it, when good news stays away from your camp? In this episode we... more

in this segment of Hey Sis, I Need A Word! We are discussing the familiar story of David and his confidence in going up against an intimidating experienced foe. We are applying the word of God in our prayer life to shut the devil down, make... more

tune in for this segment of Hey Sis, I Need A Word! The topic for this episode is 'Promotions'. Many of us seek higher pay, salary increases, or elevations on our secular job naturally, but what about in God's Kingdom? The Lord is so soon to... more