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A symposium for leaders across the country, who are living a purpose driven life and would love to share their passionate convictions on education,church ministry, family issues, economics, and politics in order to create unity in their community. Real Talk with THB combines pastors, evangelist, teachers, speakers, writers, and attorneys on one platform, come join us!

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This episode of Hey Sis, focuses on the birth and miracles that Jesus came to earth and manifested among the jews. The Miracle is not on 34th Street is the title of this broadcast.

Jesus said that his sheep know's his voice.He also has stated many revelations about the anointing of His message givers; they are the salt. They are the light of this world. They should be known by the fruit they produce. God's called... more

People are experiencing great things listening to this program, and If you need a way to enjoy the Word of God, then I can only tell you that this is one place to find a genuine praise of the Lord. I pray that the Lord blesses you abundantly as... more

If you need a closer look at the world through the lense of the Bible, tune in for this episode. We are discussing when things 'cost'. Many people are always looking for the easier way not the road less traveled, and this is where the key to... more

This is an episode for a cleansing of your spirit, to save your mind. You will not want to miss this broadcast on relationships and bonds that we encounter in this life that are long or short-lived. Sometimes we must be discerners of some... more

This is episode 14 of this series. The goal of this program is to reach thousands a month. The topic of thus message is: THE ISSUE OF WATER...yes you've got to tune in.

If you are looking for a place to listen to the Words of the Bible, You are in the right place. This is episode 15 of this series that is plowing forth to reach many people. The topic of this broadcast will be dealing with the times of this era, the... more

This is episode 14 of this powerful series. The topic for this discussion is looking at our battles and seeing the massive issues or acessing the many people against you, but realizing that if God Himself is for you..the game is over. The... more

This is episode 13 of this series that has been truly a wonderful blessing of inspiration. You will not wish to miss this enlightening broadcast as I Minister Tamara H.Boman evaluates the times we are living in this era of woeful neglect... more

This is episode 13 of this series, and the discussion will tackle the dead end roads we encounter in life...Most of us have come into situations that not only change our lives, but appear to be the end of life as we have known it. How can... more