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For over 50 years the progressive movement has worked to redefine the intent of our Constitution by erecting a legalistic wall of separation between Church & State. They have succeeded in their endeavor through legislation and adjudication that encourages government dependence and the licensing of immorality that removes personal responsibility. It's time to take back our Republic by breaching that wall of separation and reclaiming our heritage. Join us as we tackle the issues that are important in our quest for reformation and stability.

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On our show tonight; Evan Sayet will join us to discuss his recent speech at "The Conservative Forum". Then our newest Tea Party Panel member Zach Collins (the Young Guns) will come on for some insight from the millennial... more

It may not be 2016 yet but the "Hillary 2016" is kicking into full gear in spite of those who claim otherwise. Obama is now a liability and Hillary has some legitimate baggage especially the Benghazi scandal. Tonight Karen Siegemund... more

With all the chaos and confusion that is now known as Obamacare, things can go in any direction several times a day. Who is signing up, what does "signing up" mean? What does it really cost and who really is going to pay for it? Craig... more

Tonight; Anaheim, California: Is the home of Disneyland really the happiest place on earth? Lawyer, blogger and political activist Daniel Lamb joined Monday Co-Host Deborah Pauly and shared his insight into the mechanizations, back... more

Scot Faulkner from Citizen Oversight and author of the best selling book "Naked Emperors" came on and discussed his perspective on 2013 happenings and 2014 outlook. Then I covered how the left will attempt to run damage control from... more

Joining us tonight was Rose Columbo from "The Justice Club". Rose talked about her recent stint on another show where she was verbally attacked en-mass will sitting in on another show We will discussed several aspects of the... more

Monday Co-Host Deborah Pauly started off the new year with Steve Jackson from The Institute on the Constitution lecturer, who discussed his upcoming presentation on the 13 key foundational principles found in our Declaration of... more

As we close the year out it is important to look back so we know what we can look forward to. This was the second of 2 nights where we follow our annual tradition of listing the Top 10 liberal and conservative quotes for the year. On... more

Tonight our show is the first of 2 nights where we follow our annual tradition of listing the Top 10 liberal and conservative quotes for the year. Tonight will be the Top 10 liberal quotes, Tuesday the Top 10 conservative. I promise you some... more

We started the show talking about Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty "snubbing" Barbara Walters by not showing up for his interview in lieu of duck hunting. Then, Kirk Jorgenson, running for the 52nd Congressional District seat (San... more