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We are your source for the latest news and events. We make sure you are kept up-to-date and in the know on everything that takes place in the world you live in. BDSIR Network covers local and regional news and features radio programming that highlight the issues that are most important to our communities and much much more. From wrestling to sports and entertainment to music, arts and politics – we got it covered in Tha Barbershop. Our reporters are experienced journalists with strong ties to the local area and long-time residents of the community. With a passon for talk radio like no one. Are you a business owner looking to advertise on our site? Or a local resident interested in becoming a guest blogger? Please contact us for more information. LOOKING FOR AUTHENTIC BARBERSHOP AND SPORTSBAR-STYLE INTERACTION?? LOOK NO MORE!! BDSIR NETWORK IS MADE UP OF REAL PEOPLE, SPORTS, WRESTLING FANS AND YOU THE PEOPLE NOT JUST PEOPLE WHO SIT AROUND QUOTING STATISTICS AND PREJUDICES. WE HAVE PEOPLE OF ALL KIND, HUMOR, ENTERTAINMENT AND MAKE-YOU-THINK MOMENTS AT ANY GIVEN TIME! THIS IS THE PLACE YOU WANT TO BE EACH AND EVERY DAY AND NIGHT!!! JOIN MIKE KNOXXX-THE C.E.O THE MILLION DOLLAR HOST AND THE NETWORK AND BECOME A PART OF THE MILLION DOLLAR AUDIENCE. AND TOGETHER, WE'LL CREATE THE MILLION DOLLAR CONNECTION! COME ONE COME ALL MIKE KNOXXX THE NETWORK INVITES YOU ALL TO THE FASTEST RISING MOST SUCCESSFUL SHOW IN TALK RADIO

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ARE YOU A FOOTBALL FAN? DO YOU LOVE THE NFL? SO YOU LOVE /HATE THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES? THEN THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU! WITH M LOGAN MIKE KNOXXX AND NOW J CHRIS THIS show for YOU THE Real Eagles Fans! HATERS WELCOME! Each week BEFORE OR After your Philadelphia Eagles play tune in to the BDSIR Network for Eagles post game show giving you insight form real Eagles fans not your run-of-the-mill guys paid to hate on your franchise! TALKING EVERYTHING FORM THE NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL TO EA SPORTS MADDEN FOOTBALL! Listen live or call in and have a voice. No longer sitting back, become the voice of the voiceless for your team!
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