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IWC Carnage is the 3rd PPV in a series whihc now has spanned 10+ Ippvs, each more classic then the next. Join WAW as we celebrate the road to IWC 11, with a RE_BROADCAST of the NEVER BEFORE HEARD in its entirety... IWC 3: CARNAGE!! Rumble For A Shot Cage of Death Tag Title WHC Triple threat
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What would you do if you only had 1 week to live? Lets discuss. OPEN!! LINES!! As we count down to the end of the world!

What will you take with you. What will you leave behind. How will you survive? The countdown continues...

What do you want to say, it's the end of the world, do you have a message for future generations who find this? Time travelors, Aliens and inter-dimentional shifters always WELCOME!!!

Mayans, Native Americans, ancient cultures, Bablonians, Annunaki, ancient guardians of the future, as the countdown continues.

Join us as we interview a man from another Universe. His amzing story will keep you captivated, as the countdown to the end of the world continues!

The countdown continues, as we discuss the country's future heading in to the last weeks of the world

The Greatest talk show returns to count down the last remaining weeks til the end of the world. Join us for our special Halloween episode. it's the 5th anniversary of this classic broadcast.

What will we leave behind? Will we be remembered. Lets look at some innovations.

have we done this all before? how does the thread weave through yourlife? Time Travel with us tonight We explore theories of historical rewrites and time travel's ability to prevent the end of the world. Only 50 more weeks til the end of the... more

We are BACK!! and will be on the air every Saturday night until Dec 21st 2012. We will countdown the end of the world weekley. We will discuss those things that keep us down and do not let us win. What are they hiding from us? you... more
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