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From the Archive of Oblivion. The Best of the Greatest Talk Show will take you back to how it was before now, and whAT WAS SHALL BE AGAIN.
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NO TOPIC OFF LIMITS!! Long time caller and IWC WHC JD from Pittsburgh finnally has his OWN SHOW!! WHAT WILL JD SAY!??? you gotta tune in to find out what the LOOSE CANNON thinks about WRESTLING, SPORTS, and... more

Welcome to the IWC. The Road to IWC 8: HARDCORE HELL is well underway. IWC: WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP #1 CONTENDER TOURNAMENT Newcomer's Match 1 : DALIKWENT vs TYZZK vs ? Former... more

I'm Hollywoodtonyp The Voice of THE IWC. I am a wrestling fan, I have been since i was younger. And then there is LOU,he's been watching wrestling even longer, it's real to him. He's also my father. Now we are much older, and my... more

Monday Night Fallout is The Premiere wrestling discussion show talking directly about RAW *Instant Reaction to the RAW Overrun *The Best panelin all radio *LLL results *IWC: HOLY PUMA vs BIG TUNA 212 for the... more

Welcome toTHE IWC! TONIGHT! FATAL 4 WAY WEDNESDAY! Armageddon Champinship Ladder Match GREAT ENIGMA vs MUM RAA* vs DFNZ vs BHM Women's #1 Contender STEEL CAGE DIVA 316 vs Mrs Ambrose vs... more

I'm Hollywoodtonyp, the voice of the IWC. I have always watched wrestling with may father. This is Lou, he has been watching wrestling since the 40's, he's also my father. Join us as we do what weve been doing since i can remeber, talk... more

THIS IS MONDAY NIGHT FALLOUT!! If you want to listen to Marks talking about RAW, this is the place! *GUEST: Referee Nick Gossert, and LLL NEWS!! *Instant reaction to the #WWE #RAW Overrun *Complete coverage and report from... more

Mike Santore is a comedian from orlando who show is one of a kind. You aint never heard anything like this.

Welcome to the IWC. TONIGHT!!! IC CHAMPIONSHIP MADNESS!! IC #1 Contender The Burying God vs ZWO Scandal Tag Match The Big Loveshaft (Big Papi and HP Loveshaft,with MOS at ringside) v The Rejects (Zigglypuuf... more
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