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From the Archive of Oblivion. The Best of the Greatest Talk Show will take you back to how it was before now, and whAT WAS SHALL BE AGAIN.
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FATAL 4 WAY WED! welcome to the IWC! on the orad to IWC 11: New years Revolution! Armageddon Championship 4 way FMM vs EVV vs Loose Fringe vs MCK Who Would be King Battle Scandal vs Saurubh vs Epic vs Pik Cause fuck... more

I'm Hollywoodtonyp. This is lou. Lou is my father. Join us a we talk wrestling. *RAW 12/8 results *TLC Predictions *Main Event Coverage *Recipie of the Week

Welcome to the IWC. the Road to IWC 11 in underway... IWC x Fallout Womens's Title Screwy P Newton vs Mrs Mabrose If Scandal wins he gets a shot at the Legends Title Scandal vs Dave scott WAW vs WINC SSN vs RAJ

Results from monday Mahem and IWC X-Treme, as well as upcoming info on the future of the IWC. tune in. www.wearewrestling.net

Wearewrestling.net presents; IWC X-TREME, the only user driven Indy Wrestling league's 10th IPPV! on the card: GM BATTLE Anon GM vs JP Derrywickle WHC Zigglypuff vs Ming vs Double L Steel Cage Tiger Vs Moredci 5 on 5 Team WAW... more

I'm Hollywoodtonyp. I'm the voice of the IWC and a wrestling fan. This is Lou, Lou has been watching wrestling since he was a kid. he's also my father. Join us as we talk Wrestling. *RAW 12/1 *Stone cold Interview Vince *Punk Interview... more

*IWC X-Treme go-home show! Team WAW 3rd member match SSN vs Good News Barret Team Waw 4th member Match Tuna 21 vs ? Buried Alive Fangz vs The Loose Fringe CZW DEathmatch Bo Phallus vs The Tiger Read more at:... more

THE IWC is an Indy wrestling Fantasy league that is totally user driven. Go to www.wearewrestling.net, chat on the boards. Start a fued, and you too can be a Legend of the IWC! *Monday Mayhem results *IWC LIVE Results *IWC... more

Welcome to the IWC. The orad to IWC is just 1 week til its finish. What will happen next, tune in tonight and find out Head Booker Challenege Semi Finals John Crisp vs Capt Random Team WAW Match #2 T-Rock vs Scandal Inferno... more
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