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IWC 7 ANNIHILATION! PRESHOW ONLY ON WAW: ARMAGEDDON CHAMPIONSHIP Head booker Triple Threat MOS v Jamari v Johnson P Derrywickle NO HOLD BARRED Legends Championship Wrath vs *Puma IC Championship Match LADDER MATCH LL v ? v The Burying God Womans Championship match *Cindy Lynn Summer v Mrs Ambrose TAG TEAM TITLE TABLES BO-lEVEa v The Emperors of The Universe 5 on 5 ZWO vs IWC IWC WHC STEEL CAGE RANDOM VS *JD From Pittsburgh
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I'm Hollywoodtonyp. I am the voice of the IWC. I'm also a wrestlingfan, I have been since I was a kid. I always used to watch wrestling with my father. This is Lou, he still beleives its real, he's also my father. Join Us a we do what we have... more

join the voice of The IWC HOLLYWOODTONYP as he guides an all-star cast of smarks from Wearewrestling.net through an episode of WWE's Monday Night Raw *Instant Reaction to the RAW Overrun *Legends Roundtable: Flair, Shawn... more

IWC is on it's way. You Voted, you decided and here it is!! ZWO MASTERMIND REVEALED!! IWC & Annihilation Go-home Show NEW TITLE REVEALED!! Tag team #1 contenders TURMOIL! Good news Burgundy (Good News Barrett and... more

mONDAy nights Just got better. hollywoodtonyp leads an all star panel of the greatest Smarks in the IWC. Join us as we discuss WWE RAW, and other wrestling news. sponsored by wearewrestling.net *Summerslam Results *RAW... more

The ONLY destination for all RESULTS and ANALYSIS from WAW and TGTS. We are wrestling.net's most famous will be on hand. 347-324-2445 WWE World Heavyweight Championship John Cena (c) vs. Brock Lesnar WWE... more

You've heard everyone's opinion, except his. Comedian Mike Santore Pays tribute to Robin Williams.

IWC rolls on to IWC 7 Annihilation STEELCAGE MATCH MAIN EVENT!: Redsox_238: Lunatic Fringe vs TYZZK (that young Zig Zag Kid) MOD WARS: RWA Steve v Mystery Opponant ZWo Leader and Legends Champion PUMA to... more

I'm Hollywoodtonyp, I'm a wrestling fan. Lous is my father, it's still real to him. Listen as we do what i have been doing every tuesday since I can remember. talk Wrestling!

9-10:30 (ALL TIMES MOUNTIN TIME) Monday join Hollywodtonyp as he hosts an all star- panel from WAW and the iwc. *iNSTANT rEACTION TO THE rAW oVERRUN *SUMMERSLAM Go-Home SHOW!! *Hogans Birthday? *NWO... more
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