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Trash talking cousins J Sharp and Rob Romero talking about whatever comes to mind.

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What? Two shows in one week? We are trying to make up for lost time. Back at it with crazy stories about federal agents setting up fake Facebook accounts for real people, regrets, the worst possible idea for healthcare and a high priced escort.... more

We're back with some crazy people to talk about. There's the woman who was breaking in to high schooler's cars to find ISIS. Then there's the woman that dug up her daddy to find his "real will." Of course we have to be fair, so we'll talk... more

The guys pay tribute to the late, great Matriarch of the Viloria Family. Then they move on to the usual craziness. Pastors & puppies, blasted burglars, status segregation, dessert, Facebook fights and, of course, sexism. As always, you... more

Rob and J have a full slate of crazy stories to talk about on this special 4th of July episode with Rob in studio! Listen in as they talk about sharks and grizzlies in California, stupid criminals, the best iPad cover ever, a diss to the Mile High... more

Rob & J are back to talk about bad kids, getting stoned, stately high schoolers, fake facebook pages and quickees. Join us by calling (646)668-8350, tweeting us @FlyingVilorias, writing on our facebook wall ( or emailing... more

The boys are back with some more crazy subjects. From clown love to veggie love, tipping to juicing. They get deep with some consciousness convo and shallow with the rest of the episode. Join in on the fun. Call in at (646)668-8350.... more

Rob and J return with some cray-cray stories. There's the dude who tried to be a hipster but got it wrong. Then there's the woman who tried to blame her speeding tickets on her husband. One problem...he's dead! (Dun dun duuuuun) In less... more

Rob is in studio with J for the first time in over a year! With prom season in full swing, the guys talk about prom drafts and prom night busts. Plus, what's wrong with having a little fun on church grounds? Join in on the fun by calling... more

Welcome to May. Horny? Need a hand? The guys have smuggled in some paranormal passion and they're proud of it! Join in on the insanity by calling (646)668-8350. You can email the show at Tweet... more

The Counselor and the Franchise welcome the Alexhondro as a contributing guest in this episode. They talk about guns in your happy place, toys in your happy meal and in your happy family. They may even talk about race. Follow... more
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