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Welcome to the Texas Conflict Coach ® radio program with host Pattie Porter and special guest hosts, Zena Zumeta and Stephen Kotev. Our program aims to help listener's from all over the world learn how to manage conflict constructively with tools, strategies, and resources regardless of whether the dispute is in your business,home, workplace, school, church community, family, or with neighbors. Tune in every Tuesday for a 30 minute program. Find our archived podcasts at www.texasconflictcoach.com

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Whether we are aware of it or not we live in a racial world, which proposes equality, but is firmly set on hierarchy, inequality, and separation. patterns of racial dysfunction have been handed down from generation to generation. How do we transform these patterns and begin to live the connection that is part of our natural human existence? Milagros Phillips specializes in transforming relationships between the races using a powerful approach that leaves participants empowered and hopeful.
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Cinnie Noble is a lawyer, mediator and ICF certified coach. She is a pioneer in the development of a unique model for conflict coaching, having created the CINERGY model in 1999. Cinnie combined conflict management and coaching... more

You've heard of the horse whisperer, the dog whisperer and even the Ghost Whisperer. And, NOW, we have The Boss Whisperer®. In this show we talked with Dr. Laura Crawshaw, author of Taming the Abrasive Manager. We... more

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Got Conflict? Based on the works of Dr. Dudley Weeks, we highlighted the key ingredients to conflict and the essential steps to conflict resolution based on the book "The Eight Essential Steps to Conflict Resolution." First, we examined... more

Got Conflict? In this episode, we will be talking with Debra Dupree, Relationships That Matter, LLC. She is a certified master trainer for the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP). This profile identifies the hot buttons, and conflict behaviors that... more

Got Conflict? In this episode, we will speak to Craig Runde, co-author of "Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader." This book "underscores the importance for leaders to develop the critical skills they need to help them, their... more

Got Conflict? The Texas Conflict Coach, a division of Conflict Connections, Inc. provides consumer education and tools to build self-awareness, skills and resources to manage conflict effectively. In this augural show, Pattie Porter,... more