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Welcome to the Texas Conflict Coach ® radio program with host Pattie Porter and special guest hosts, Zena Zumeta and Stephen Kotev. Our program aims to help listener's from all over the world learn how to manage conflict constructively with tools, strategies, and resources regardless of whether the dispute is in your business,home, workplace, school, church community, family, or with neighbors. Tune in every Tuesday for a 30 minute program. Find our archived podcasts at www.texasconflictcoach.com

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What is the difference between communication when it's open and when it's closed? When our defensive barriers go up, we disconnect not only from other people, but also from our own humanity. In this program, we'll explore an innovative approach to communication and conflict resolution training that comes from the tradition of contemplative psychology and mindfulness practice, using simple methods that have profound results. Susan Gillis Chapman has over thirty years experience as a contemplative psychologist in a variety of settings, from a maximum security prison in Alaska to a buddhist monastic retreat centre in Nova Scotia. She's currently on the teaching faculty for Karuna Training, Shambhala International and GreenZone Conversations, offering workshops in Europe and North America. Her book, The Five Keys to Mindful Communication, was published in 2012 and she's currently working on her second book,The Mindful Communication Workbook. She lives with her husband in Vancouver, Canada.
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What are Neil Denny's Conversational Riffs and how they can help us to keep communicating through conflict? We explore how the things that we say shape and contribute to the conflict and what other choices we have when... more

Issues of trust are at the core of almost every conflict, no matter how big or small, simple or complex. Yet when people are pitted against each other in conflict, how can they find ground to build trust, let alone repair trust that’s been... more

This show will kick off Workplace Conflict Awareness month. Andrea Barrett whose show in February focused on "Developing Agility in the Face of Conflict" will return to speak about spontaneity, it's definition and integration in to our... more

This show highlights the works of Rebecca Shafir, neurotherapist and speech and language pathologist. She is author of the book, ?The Zen of Listening: Mindful Communication in the Age of Distraction.? We will explore listening myths, the 4... more

We invite you to call-in as we learn how to listen beyond people's complaints and pick up what is really important. The art of listening deeper means being able to understand the complainer's underlying need and reframe the situation.... more

Join Susan Shearouse as we talk about applying calm, courage and curiosity to those moments when their emotions or your own reactions are getting in the way. We'll be looking at principles of non-violent communication to improve our... more

Listen in as we talk to Reverend Phil Schulman introduce the foundational principles of non-violent communications http://www.nonviolentcommunication.com/index.htm based on the works of... more

In this show, we kicked off March's International Listening Awareness month with Susan Young. Susan is a news and communications expert with 25 years of experience. I spoke with Susan about the "new trend" in listening she calls "silent... more

Join us as we speak with international speaker and published author, Barbara Hofmeister, from G.ermany. We will discuss her book To be or not to be: The Choice is YOURS! Learn more about Barbara and her book, To Be Or Not To... more

Some families dream of building a business and working together in it. Unfortunately, working with your spouse can lead to conflict in both your business and your marriage. Alicia Arenas, Business Coach and founder of... more