When Business Departments Collide

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In the dynamics of organizations, there are times when divisions or departments or specific people within these divisions/departments appear to have differing agendas.

  1. Sales leadership implements a CRM system and the sales team views this as an impediment  to selling and being  in the field.
  2. A company division considered a cost center is competing for resources with a division that is revenue generating.
These differing agendas can and most likely will create conflict between the divisions.  This conflict can result in loss of productivity, low morale, and loss of key personnel.  The other, more production option, is to use specific skills to transform that conflict into positive change.

Dawn Miller Sander is a sales professional by trade. Dawn completed a 20+ year career with AT&T and moved to work in her area of passion, addressing conflict within families and organizations using various tools and training and dialog. Dawn is now leading the firm Conflict Transformation Associates, LLC.

Nicole Perrotta has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience opening markets and growing business revenues within Fortune 100 companies and start-ups. Now, Nicole enjoys coaching and training in sales, emotional intelligence and best business practices in cooperation with Solutions Training Group.


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