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Welcome to the Texas Conflict Coach ® radio program with host Pattie Porter and special guest hosts, Zena Zumeta and Stephen Kotev. Our program aims to help listener's from all over the world learn how to manage conflict constructively with tools, strategies, and resources regardless of whether the dispute is in your business,home, workplace, school, church community, family, or with neighbors. Tune in every Tuesday for a 30 minute program. Find our archived podcasts at www.texasconflictcoach.com

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Someone makes an inappropriate comment, maybe a racist or sexist joke. You feel uncomfortable and hope that someone else will speak up. Everyone hopes that someone else will speak up. Uncomfortable silence falls. What does it... more
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It seems bullying is everywhere. We are actively addressing it in schools, in communities, and in families…and now also workplaces. Over the past several years, there has been a deluge of information about workplace bullying,... more

The term bullying is used often, in this show we will talk about the many faces that bullies use, it could be in the form of a alpha male/female, a mean boss or the power hungry bully. We will explain the underneath motivation that causes... more

Join Founding Host Pattie Porter and Hosts Zena Zumeta and Stephen Kotev as we celebrate and honor the many guests during our 200th Episode. This is our 5 year anniversary of The Texas Conflict Coach and we invite you to call in, ask... more

Family businesses move through many transitions as they grow from Founders to much larger family enterprise systems. The components of this shift include among others: a range of family dynamics issues that can de-rail business or... more

The Texas Conflict Coach radio program's mission is to raise awareness and educate the general public and our communities about conflict resolution and peace building. In doing so, we are collaborating with Mediation Station in... more

Most of us understand when there is a conflict, but we have not looked at what keeps us locked into the conflict. Those three components are powerful magnets for us. The program today will examine how identity, emotion and power work... more

We negotiate every single day over important and routine requests. Spouses negotiate over household and financial duties, co-workers negotiate time off, job tasks, promotions and salaries. When a perceived disagreement or... more

If you experience medical malpractice, over billing, or denial of an insurance claim, what are your options? Who can help you, and how can you help yourself? Learn how to navigate the health care legal landscape. Geoff Drucker has... more

Medicine is more complex than ever and the complexity is only increasing due to healthcare reform, new technology, new medications, complex treatments to name a few. As health care continues its transformation, so will the... more