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Why Our Hosts Love BlogTalkRadio

The BlogTalkRadio network is enabling me to create my own media platform. The simplicity of broadcasting using only a phone enables me to bring together thought leaders from across the globe from the worlds of spirituality, science and politics to create and share a dialogue on today’s most important topics. Deepak Chopra, Deepak Chopra Radio
As the host of Milling About, I have interviewed some of the hottest names in show business from movie stars such as Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Stone, directors such as Ed Burns and Gus Van Sant, author Jackie Collins and rock stars such as David Bowie and Micky Dolenz, to name a few. Having my show on BlogTalkRadio has increased my audience to a worldwide level. Robin Milling, Milling About
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Jamey Duvall

Movie Geeks United

I work in healthcare, but movies are my passion. Sometimes it’s even hard for ME to believe I’m interviewing the biggest names in Hollywood. The BlogTalkRadio forum allows us the freedom to explore our love of film in a manner you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet. [We] feel so grateful to BlogTalkRadio for allowing us the opportunity to share these passions with a wide audience. Every member of the BTR team has shown us tremendous support and guidance every step of the way.

Gael Sylvia

Sylvia Global

I meet the most WONDERFUL people everywhere that I go and I learn from all of them. BlogTalkRadio allows me to introduce my global network of friends to people from all walks of life – non-profits with donors, listeners with entertainers, world leaders with the neighbor next door. In a short period of time, BTR has grown Sylvia Global’s followers, but more importantly, it allows Sylvia Global to be a valuable resource in making a world of difference. Not to mention, it's FUN! The staff is accessible, patient and creative. As big as I want to take it, they help me find a way to deliver it around the world. Thank you, BTR! Thank you!

Amy McCracken

Variety Radio Online (The V.R.O.)

I started my BTR station 4 years ago as a way to blog about the entertainment world without having to write a blog. Four years later I have a team of hosts on air 2 times a day, 5 days a week interviewing and talking about the entertainment world. BTR has helped us grow our little website into a company and a name you might hear around Hollywood!
BlogTalkRadio has turned my ordinary life into something pretty amazing. I couldn’t be living my dream if it wasn’t for BlogTalkRadio.

Sree Sreenivasan

Columbia Journalism School

BlogTalkRadio is one of the most important tools available to journalists and media companies today. I’ve used it to do more than 200 shows (with more than two million listens) over the past four years and it has greatly increased the online reach and influence of both Columbia Journalism School and South Asian Journalists Association, two institutions that are already hugely successful in their respective fields. It's time for more folks to pay attention to BTR’s potential.
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Rick Tocquiny

Life Lessons and Transformed Traveler

Now with over 800 Life Lessons and Transformed Traveler shows under our belt, we recognize BTR as having been the “rocket fuel” behind brand building and personal growth. Consider that BTR helped us launch a greeting card company that delivered over 10 million cards last year, spurred the introduction of our Life Lessons book by Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins, stimulated the launch of our travel TV show, The Transformed Traveler (sponsored by Samsonite and Hyundai) and served as the interview platform for the best selling book from FT Press, When Core Values are Strategic. BlogTalkRadio is simply amazing to build audience as a content provider!

Jessica Durivage

Where is My Guru?

As the founder and host of Where is My Guru? I can say that my whole entire outlook on my show and “Can I really make this happen??” shifted into a resounding YES when I came on board BTR in March of 2012. I was hosting my show with another network previously. With BTR I have access to my analytics, I produce each show myself so all of the content is in my control, I am a pro user so I can do shows several times a week (which I am now doing and I am rapidly growing my reach!) and their support staff for technical questions is second to none! I just hope I can take advantage of all the ways the BTR team has provided to support their hosts. The success of their hosts and the shows is their #1 Priority.

Gyasmine George

Female Field Guide

I truly appreciate Blog Talk Radio for providing an outlet for me to share my knowledge and passion. This last year has been amazing and I am so grateful for BlogTalkRadio. Internet radio is the future of radio!

John Martin

Small Business Roundtable

BlogTalkRadio is the future of media. Our audience loves the flexibility to listen live or on their schedule. Folks also love the mobile feature with the ability to listen anytime, anywhere. The shows are super easy to host and the quality is great.

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