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Our ancient ancestors were not primitive savages. Evidence of high culture and advanced technology remains in monuments and texts around the world.

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In part 2 of my audio version of my novel Fallen Angels, I begin reading at chapter four. This is where we left off in part one.

People have been asking me for audio versions of my books, but I don't have the resources necessary to produce them. Therefore, I will be reading my books aloud on half-hour segments for those who want or need an audio version. This is... more

Reading from my novel "Murder Lies", in which Lavinia Stout gives up her career as a phony psychic to solve a murder. And a pitch to get you to buy my book and read it, while I work on the sequel, "Murder Bleeds".

I love to sing. I am not at all sure that you love to listen to me sing, but if you don't like it, you can always tune out. I also love Christmas carols.

Just thought I'd drop by and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And I might ramble on a bit. We'll see. If you want to help a struggling write, please visit my blog and see how youcan help. http://tessadick.com

The Holy Spirit has many gifts, and the believer might receive one gift, two or three gifs, or maybe even all of those gifts. The truth is that all believers are filled with the Holy Spirit, and you do not have to "talk in tongues" to prove it. Please... more

Philip K. Dick warned us about the Empire. It never ended. We are the Roman Empire reborn. He was a targeted individual, and so are you. The elite are now targeting everybody, including some of their own lackeys. Even one of the... more

Picking up and contunuing Philip K. Dick's mission to stop the evmpire from overthrowing the republic.

This is a clip to fill in the end of my Sunday night program, when a glitch muted the last few minutes of our discussion. I will talk about the location of the Garden of Eden.

Ebola is spreading among health care workers, primarily due to lack of proper equipment, protective clothing, training and procedures. Hospital-acquired infectoins are already rampant in the Unitied States, yet the authorities want us... more