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Welcome to the Terra Chat Network main hub. It is here that many innovative shows can be enjoyed. VOCR/SPIII Radio - SPIII Gazette shall tackle news and Politics - While Knight Talk Radio shall continue to concentrate on the shadows of our Universal understanding and things that go bump in the Knight. Management of VOCR-SPIII-Knight Talk Radio are grateful that TerraChatNet have invested in our vision having completed extensive upgrades to Hardware and Software systems and ready for the Fall Season of Blood and guts on the Political battle field to Who is watching us from the Heavens.... Join our guests on the VOCR for World sociopolitical events and Knight Talk for Paranormal and extra-terrestrial surprises. Knight Talk continues to bring the best of the best Paranormal guests and Interviews. We also welcome home VOCR Radio to the Family unit and look forward to many special Political and social-economic reports. Check out the new show formats! SPIII Gazette -

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Tonight we shall investigate issues from around the World which effect our everyday existance in the free world.

Tonight we take the gloves off, reporting the realities of the state of the world and the required surgical operations required in order to save the patient known as Earth. Politically incorrect, yet required in order to form a more perfect union and... more

Tonight we review the ongoing degredation of freedom and World peace. As conflicts around the world increase and safety to the western world becomes more tenuous and the degradation of law in the Middle East. Initially focusing upon... more

Tonight we shall examine a number of facets of socio-Political events:Including the Middle East issue and the Political posturings of Governments from around the world. We shall look at the antisemetic rumblings from enemies of Israel... more

Join the VOCR team as they continue to investigate issues of the World. Open discussion - Open phone lines - Editorial and Opinions welcome. (347) 324-3287

Tonight we shall scan the news from around the world and discuss ramifications to our local and national societies. Join the VOCR team as they wade through the murky waters of Politics and religion in a fast paced discussion and debate.... more

Join the VOCR-SPIII Gazette team as we investigate issues around the World effecting everyday life in North America.

Tonight Host Colin Knight looks at the world as Free speech and freedom become lost realities around the World. Phone lines shall be open for the full show : (347) 324 3287

Join Host Colin Knight to discuss the Middle East march to war and its Global implications. Phone line shall be open throughout the show 347-324-3287
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