Teri OBrien

$0    Good morning fellow bitter clingers. I hope that yesterday's Cinco de Seis, and today's Cinco de Siete, as Barack Hussein Obama would say, finds you well. Look at it this way: you’re having a better day than John Edwards, who may face a federal investigation over payments to his mistress. He’s being vilified in the press as a phony, and a hypocrite. As usual, our Lame Stream media is not only a little slow on the uptake. They are missing the real story. Recall that long before we learned that he was cheating on his wife, who because of her having cancer is apparently in line for canonization, we knew that he was running around proclaiming that poverty is “the cause of my life” in between getting $400 haircuts, channeling the words of the unborn for big bucks, despite being “pro-choice,” and advocating increased taxation on “the wealthy” while exploiting the tax code to avoid paying his “fair share” of Social Security taxes.$0$0$0$0    Like many of you, I wonder what makes Edwards different from any other liberal democrat. For most of them, adultery is a resume enhancement. Witness President Clinton, he of the “crackling jeans,” and the offers of oral sex from “reporters.” For more historic examples, let’s not forget democrat icons FDR and JFK.  Since when don’t liberals swoon over dim-witted, philandering pretty boys? Can you say “Gavin Newsome?” As for the hypocrisy about the issues of poverty and taxes, the term “limousine liberal” isn’t a cliché for nothing. The current radical president actually nominated Tom Tom Daschle,  a limousine liberal who didn’t even pay for his limousine to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. $0$0$0$0    I’m sorry, but compared to the Empty-Suit-in Chief Barack Hussein Obama, John Edwards is a piker in the phony department. This is a man who is capable of reciting jaw-dropping contradictions within in the same speech with stunning regularity. A recent example springs to mind,  his reiteration last Friday of his belief that Supreme Court justices must have “empathy” for liberal mascot groups and also an appreciation for the rule of law. At the risk of being characterized as a cynic, I feel compelled to point out that those two qualifications are in absolute opposition to one another. Recently he railed against tax loopholes with Rep. Charlie Rangel by his side. As the New York Post notes:$0$0$0$0Rangel, of course, knows a thing or two about offshore tax shelters: He'd been operating one for years.$0$0The congressman had to fork over nearly $11,000 in back taxes last year after The Post reported that he failed to disclose more than $75,000 in rental income on his Dominican Republic villa.$0$0Plus, he's under investigation by a House committee for allegedly helping a company preserve its offshore tax loophole -- in exchange for a million-dollar gift to a school named in his honor.$0$0Though perhaps that's not exactly what Obama meant when he gushed that the problems with tax havens "have been highlighted" by Rangel, among others.$0$0Rangel wasn't the only tax dodger lauded by Obama. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, too, won praise for "taking far-reaching steps to catch overseas tax cheats."$0$0Takes one to know one, we guess.$0$0Geithner, after all, was confirmed despite failing to pay, until nominated, some $43,000 in self-employment taxes.$0$0$0$0    The inexperienced, irresponsible and dangerous Community-Organizer-in-Chief has a repellant wife who tells other women not to follow her example by going into high-paying careers, while walking around with her ginormous feet clad in $540 sneakers and boots that cost over $1000. Speaking of stepping out, I clearly, I am out of step with the popular culture because I don’t agree with the Oprah that Michelle Obama is “the greatest First Lady we've ever known.” Take that, Abigail Adams! Incidentally, if any members of the Oprah audience have wandered over here, Abigail Adams was our second First Lady. Since she was by her husband John’s side during the struggles to form our great nation, I believe we can assume that she was always proud of her new country, even though she never benefitted from affirmative action,  got a guilt-generated six-figure gig, or got a $200,000 raise thanks to her husband’s political skills. $0$0$0$0     B. Hussein has accomplished very few things in his life, but he has achieved something I thought was impossible. He makes Bill Clinton look genuine.$0

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