Teri OBrien

WAY Above His Paygrade

by Teri OBrien

 - Tue, Apr 28 2009

$0Watching the news stories on the swine flu, I realized that it was only a matter of time before wearing masks became all the rage. After all, the coolest hippest guy in the history of man, the former Barry Sotero, has been wearing one for at least the last 2 1/2 years. I hope this doesn’t mean that we’ll have to abandon productive careers and life pursuits to become unaccomplished, tacky, media-created empty suits embracing anti-Americanism and socialism. Please warn me when I have to start to practice bowing in anticipation of meeting with some guy with a tablecloth on his head.$0$0$0$0    Anyone with more than a single digit IQ who has been paying the slightest attention knows that much of what we see and read in the 5th column media reports is inaccurate. We debate whether the fact that what passes for journalism in the Age of Barack Hussein Obama is the laughable unison parroting of administration talking points is due to laziness or ideology. I suspect mostly the latter, with a healthy dose of the former. Whatever the reason, I do wish they wouldn’t insist on writing stories that are obviously untrue. Do they really expect us to believe that a Mexican guy who shook the man-god’s hand dropped dead the next day? I’m sorry, but everybody knows that Barack’s touch can heal any malady, including the pig flu.$0$0$0$0    The hopelessly Obama-besotted Chris Matthews took the opportunity of the swine flu to engage of two of his favorite pass times: bashing President George W. Bush and slobbering on both B. Hussein Obama and his clod-hopping, angry, lippy old lady, Michelle. He opened his “Hardball” show yesterday, whose only value is as a window into the delusional bizarro world that the Left inhabits, by lauding the Obama administration’s brilliant handling of the swine flu as contrasted with the Bush’s administration’s handling of Katrina. I’m not sure if it was David Axelrod or Rahm Emanuel who called the Screamer and told him to be sure to play that “Heck of a job, Brownie,” file footage, but he happily complied. His blast from the past continued, as he pointed out that Michael Brown went from running the Arabian Horse Association to running FEMA, which “wasn’t a smooth sail.” I know exactly what you mean, Chris. It’s like a former community organizer, a completely unaccomplished, narcissistic ideologue landing in a job, as he himself might say, WAY above his pay grade. Heckuva of a job, releasing those CIA interrogation memos and making us less safe, Barry. If I thought it would make the slightest difference, I’d remind Chris that placing blame on President Bush for the Katrina response, while allowing Schoolbus Nagin and the dead behind the eyes former governor, Kathleen Blanco, to skate is more dinomedia fiction. $0$0$0$0    Chris--is this guy really still collecting a paycheck for this drivel?--wasn’t finished. He continued, this time humping Michelle’s leg:  “It seems to me that for whatever reasons of history or taste the Obama family understands their importance as the emblem of American life.” and “How do you explain the success of Michelle Obama in understanding the role of First Lady?” He noted that it didn’t hurt that she is “stunning in appearance.”  There seems to be no end to these risible attempts to get objective observers to believe that this race-obsessed, angry woman dragging around a sense of entitlement almost as large as her substantial caboose is the 2nd coming of Jackie Kennedy, even as she stomps around like Farmer Brown and demonstrates that she doesn’t know how to button a sweater.    $0$0$0$0    Here’s the best part: in the very same report in which Chris Matthews praised the unbelievable competence of the affirmative action president’s White House in handling the swine flu, he foamed at the mouth over the fact that Air Force One terrorized New York City for a PR photo op. I’m sure it never occurred to anyone in Obama’s September 10 mentality White House that some people might become alarmed seeing a 747 flying low around mid town Manhattan. Ah yes, as they used to say in the Old Soviet Union, if only Stalin knew. $0

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