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Sun Times' Lynn Sweet Explains Her Joke Re Obama in Shower

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In 2007, the Chicago Sun-Timees' Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet wrote that she regretted not being able to follow then-Sen. Barack Obama into the shower at her health club. She explains.

Everyone,and by “everyone” I mean all the East Coast Brain Rot afflicted elites in the Establishment GOP and the legacy media, hates Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), & knows that he has destroyed the “GOP brand.” Sen. John McCain (R-Amnesty) says that Sen. Cruz and his ally, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) were on a “fool’s errand” that took attention away from the Obamacare rollout fiasco. Is he right? Isn’t it more likely that Sen. Cruz is correct when he says that if the Senate Republicans had stood united with the House GOP, and went out across the nation highlighting the ridiculous disaster of the “Affordable Care Act” website, and explaining that it was Barack Obama who refused to negotiate? Just how much did that Obamacare website cost? The number is staggering, especially when you consider that the technology used is not exactly state of the art. You won’t believe just how old that technology is. Let’s put it this way: The government just did the equivalent of taking $250,000 of your money to purchase a rusted out ’57 Chevy.
Are guys like the Liberal Death Star’s token “conservative” David “Great Pant Crease!” Brooks correct about the end of the Tea Party movement that took the House in 2010? Or, is the reality that this recent battle energized opposition to the Obama regime’s lawless agenda? Did they retreat, or are they just reloading? Will they be able to mobilize to stop the amnesty that the democrats are planning to try to foist on us as soon as possible?
    "On This Day" reminds us of Barack Obama's radical associations & the murders they committed.

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