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Like many Americans, Victoria Jackson wasn’t interested in politics for most of her life. That all changed with Barack Obama’s arrival on the national political scene. When she found out just who he is, without any assistance, by the way of those supposedly in charge of vetting presidential candidates, she was shocked and horrified. She learned that the legacy media had covered up the fact that for his entire adult life he has been a radical leftist with contempt for the Constitution as a “charter of negative rights.” She is also distressed about the direction of the culture, driven by a deliberate marketing campaign to normalize deviant behavior. We’ll talk to her about her journey, and get her take on where we go from here.
    Suddenly, the threat of al Qaeda is being taken seriously, at least with respect to our embassies. I thought al Qaeda was on the run. Are they, or are we? What can we make of this latest “terror alert” from an administration who can barely say the word “terror?” Is it driven by a desire to defend the now-controversial NSA surveillance program? Is it ironic that as the Obama administration makes a huge show of securing our embassies the perps of the Benghazi murders still roam free, unquestioned by the FBI but doing interviews with CNN? Why are the survivors being silenced, intimidated with monthly polygraph tests? What are they trying to hide?
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