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Did Boston Bombers Blow Up Obama's 2nd Term Agenda?

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As Obamacare continues to unravel, with one of its primary authors Sen. Baucus, who has apparently developed a stunning case of amnesia, predicting that it will be a “train wreck,” Obama’s two new hobby horses, gun control & “comprehensive immigration reform” (read amnesty for millions of undocumented democrats) are suddenly less attractive after the terrorist attacks by the Tsarnaev brothers. Now we must endure the insufferable, and predictable, charade of hearing the LSM and other liberals wring their hands, searching for a “motive.” Perhaps they could check out Tsarnaev’s YouTube channel & Amazon wish list. Are these media bed wetters and other simpering saps kidding? Stay tuned for the equally predictable turning of these two mopes into victims. As for Obama’s agenda, it’s not difficult to imagine that as they cowered in their homes fearing for their lives, even the residents of liberal Boston might suddenly have less enthusiasm for disarming themselves.
  Did the Tsarnaevs' dad play a larger role in this episode? Did he pull the trigger on a sleeper cell after returning to Russia? Are there more bombings to come in the next few days or weeks? Who financed the older brother’s trip to Russia & Chechnya, & where did he go? Why, after he was questioned by the FBI in 2011, was he allowed to fly under the radar, posting jihadist videos on his YouTube channel and otherwise throwing up more red flags than May Day in Havana? Did someone drop the ball?
    This latest horrific episode inspired the usual suspects to display their colossal stupidity & disconnection from reality. A liberal throws the BS flag when a guest on his show states that claiming equivalency between Christianity and Islam is “liberal BS.”
  The prosecution rested in the trial of Philadelphia abortionist, Kermit Gosnell.
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