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What's Really Behind Barack Obama's Phony "Charm" Offensive

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What Exactly Does Chief of Staff for White House Dog Do? Whatever it is, it’s worth over $100,00 a year

Rand Paul’s Filibuster Challenges Executive Power by Asking a Simple Question; John McCain, and Lindsay “John McCain Jr.” Ridicule Suggestion That Federal Government Might Kill American Citizens. We Could Ask David Koresh …Oh wait.

One of the Most Destructive Uses of State-Controlled Media, Good Morning America, declares that the economy is really really awesomely peachy. I wonder if they’ve seen the labor participation rate?

Crazy Karzai Spoils Mr. Kruger’s Visit by Saying Taliban is Working with U.S. To Kill Civilians
Chris “the Screamer” Matthews Continues to Be Obsessed with Former Vice President Cheney

Clinton’s “Growth” v. Jeb Bush’s Pandering “Flip Flop”

How Liberals Interpret the Constitution-Queer Eye, Matthew Sheppard Myth

The Truth About Matthew Sheppard

Some Women Upset with Sheryl Sandberg for Claim in New Book that Women Have an Ambition Deficit
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