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Over-rated White People, Femininists War on Men, Media Bias

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How in the world did Barack Obama get re-elected? At least three reasons spring to mind, the media, women voters, and the Left.
    On today’s show, we’ll explore that question, and do more of that dot connecting with our guests, David Freddoso and Suzanne Venker.
    David is Editorial Page Editor of the Washington Examiner,  His latest book, Spin Masters: How the Media Ignored the Real News and Helped Reelect Barack Obama, is loaded with stories that the Lame Stream Media didn’t find worth covering during 2012, when important stories like Big Bird allegedly in peril, Mitt Romney’s dog during a family vacation in the early 1980’s and supposed racist “dog whistles” took precedence over the worst economy since the 1970’s and lies about the murder of four Americans in Libya.
    The Left has been on a decades-long campaign to destroy institutions that stand in the way of their plans to enslave everyone to an almighty State. Number one on their hit list is the traditional family, and at least two generations of women have been brainwashed into helping them achieve their goal by convincing them that marriage is a state of slavery. Instead, the feminists, and the popular culture, say young women should eschew marriage, focus on their careers, and strive to hit the sheets with as many men as possible, confident that they will be guaranteed the “right” to eliminate any inconvenient tissue masses that might result. Can you say “Sandra Fluke?” Suzanne Venker’s essential book, How to Choose a Husband, powerfully refutes the anti-marriage drumbeat of the popular culture.
  Why does Fox News’ Channel’s Bill O’Reilly continue to help a Marxist supporter of cop killers have any credibility by putting him on the air?
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