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Obama's Stunning Narcissism on Display

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Now that Obama has put Joe “What’s the phone number for that website?” Biden in charge of preventing any more mass shootings, we can all rest easy. Or at least he can, since on Friday, Mr. “What Me Worry?” decided he’d had enough of all those annoying issues like the “fiscal cliff,” and jetted off on another $4 million Hawaiian holiday. That was only after he used the opportunity of Sen. Daniel Inouye’s memorial service to drone on endlessly about his favorite subject, himself. Even for a man whose narcissism is legendary, this performance no doubt left other observers as it left me; that is, in open-mouthed shock. You have to hear it to believe it, and today we will.
    Barack Obama has at least two things in common with other hard-wired leftists. He has contempt for the 2nd amendment, and for the rights of freedom-loving, law-abiding gun owners, and he agrees with the immortal words of his pal, Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel, “never let a crisis go to waste.” So, they are attempting to use the horrific murders at the Sandy Hook School to regulate our rights out of existence. Will they be successful? We’ll ask one of our guests, Illinois Rifle Association Executive Director, Rich Pearson.
    Finally, it happens to all of us. We go to a party or family gathering, hoping to have a good time, only to be confronted by some blowhard liberal, hellbent on broadcasting his illogical opinions to a captive audience. What should you do? Is it possible to completely boycott democrats? Our guest, Eric Dondero of Libertarian Republican, has vowed to do just that, and he’ll join us to tell us how that’s working out.
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