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Benghazi Rice-a-Roni: Will the GOP Expose the Coverup?

Teri OBrien

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Democrats, both elected and unelected, the latter sometimes called "journalists," are spinning a modern day version of the fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes." Unfortunately, unlike the cautionary children's story, in this case, 4 Americans were murdered, and our "leaders," and I use the word "leader," loosely, are trying to convince adults with functioning eyes and brains that the obvious did not happen; specifically, that the White House did not deliberately send out its politically compliant U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice out to lie to the American public from a posture of willful ignorance. Will the GOP have the spine to expose this coverup or will Barack Obama roll them again?

In what is a perfect metaphor for the destruction of the America we grew up in, Hostess Brands announces its liquidation, thanks to the demands of union thugs. Bye bye 18,000 jobs. Whose side do you think Obama was on? Not only is his repellant wife no doubt delighted by the demise of Hostess, so is he, since these laid off workers are natural members of one of his voting contingencies.

Mitt Romney's post-election comments have the Left apoplectic. Their reaction is over the top, but they are right that his remarks were LAME. If Bobby Jindahl doesn't want to be part of the "stupid party," why doesn't he try offering a principled conservative rebuttal?

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