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Obama is a man with a plan, and it isn’t the recycled, and long ago broken, promises repeated in the silly brochure he has been waving around in front of his low-information fans during recent campaign appearances. It’s true that these tired slogans reflect his no-growth, big government policies, and are a rehash of what he promised in 2008.The pamphlet is nothing more than another coverup of his actual plan for America; specifically, to make it poorer and weaker, no longer the world’s sole superpower, but just another country in the United Nations roll call, to make its citizens more dependent on the government for even their most basic needs, and to confiscate and redistribute wealth from the makers to the takers.
    If you have seen Dinesh D’Souza’s outstanding documentary “2016,” this plan may sound familiar. Mr. D’Souza will join us to talk about his great film, and his equally essential new book, Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream, which describes Obama’s plans to turn our country into a debt-ridden, second tier nation.
    Our Community-Organizer-in-Chief also has plans here at home. He and his fellow leftists despise the suburbs as enclaves of racism and unfairness, where the privileged shield themselves from the urban poor, and greedily refuse to share their wealth. According to our other special guest, Stanley Kurtz, whose outstanding investigative reporting on Barack Obama exposed his radical past prior to the 2008 election, if Obama is re-elected, he has ambitious plans for the suburbs. As he explains in his new book, Spreading the Weatlh: How Obama is Robing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, he wants to destroy them.
    The desperate Obama campaign has conspicuously avoided discussing the one rape that the president and his administration have yet to explain, that of the murdered ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.
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