Teresa Maron

The Meaning of Karma

by Teresa Maron

 - Fri, Jan 14 2011

What is the true meaning of Karma?

Karma is the name of moral causation, or cause and effect. Karma has been a kind of buzz word since the 60's, in the lyrics of popular songs,etc.,  but of course the theory has been around for 6000 years. The basic idea is very simple, and there are even many proverbs that make use of this theory, what goes around comes around, it takes two to tango and you get what you give. But I prefer to use the bible's reference to the theory, Ask and you shall receive. This puts the theory to work with intent, and gives you the power to create a successful life, with your design. This is the manifesting power discussed recently to worldwide aclaim in the book "The Secret" and it is still the simplest theory with the hardest task of implementation. Governing your thoughts and actions for positive results takes practice, and a constant discipline. And still, even the best case scenario of manifesting an outcome of your choosing has to take into consideration fate, or contracts made with others, other peoples manifestations put in your road to help you learn, unexplainable fears, undeniable attractions, and acts of God. It is the best and most creative way to live, and the most challenging.

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