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Join Teresa Sixberry for an exciting show filled with wisdom and compassion, collective manifestation meditations, rock talk, and dimensional travel ! Teresa Sixberry is an intuitive psychic counselor whose gifts and talents have assisted hundreds of people to achieve their higher calling. Throughout her Earth journey she has risen above the challenges of cancer, abuse and abandonment by going deep inside herself to explore and accept the I AM of her being. During the darkest part of this journey, Teresa found the light within and has since channeled “this light force that pushes out darkness” to reach others who are ascending to higher realms of consciousness and dimensional travel. Her willingness to discipline herself to listen and learn as helped others to understand how to grow in the multi-dimensional world in which we live by uncovering the mystic layers that often hold the causes as well as the solutions to life’s challenges. Teresa has found answers that work according to Universal Law. It’s hard to get better than that when it comes to manifestation. Teresa is also a stone keeper who has an uncanny ability to understand the Stone People Nation far beyond what the books will tell you. Her personal inventory is quite impressive, as is her knowledge of the healing properties and energies of rocks. She has an expansive world view when it comes to the Stone Nation that is reflected by rocks from all over the world that now thrive under her care.

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