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Tequila Talks with Toya

Tequila Talks with Toya


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Everyone's a little more honest after a shot, or two! This fun, upbeat, controversial, urban talk show will leave you on edge, wanting more each time!

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ITS OFFICIAL!!! Side Chicks are IN!!Yall know I was ready to catch this wave!!! In case you're living under a rock, SOME UNKNOWN (which is sketch!!) production team has just pitched a new reality show titled, "The Real Side Chicks of... more

Why do we even have to ask?!... Or do you have to? (WATCH OUT! CHICKS BE STEALING!!!)But seriously, how do you ask your man for support without seeming like a gold digger? Even if you are Ms. Independent, how important are a... more

Because we all know keeping it real can go completely WRONG! So when's a time you had to "fake it?" Sex, work life,friendships/relationships? Maybe you did it to advance in life? Or to keep from hurting someone? See! Its not... more

Of course you want to take care of your man! But when are your "girlfriend duties" crossing the line to "wife duties"?! What are somethings you wish you would've waited to do until marriage?! And y'all know I love taking it there... what are... more

Part 2, although Part 1 barely happened!

Men just do it more and aren't half as good! *eye roll* Anywho! The season Finale of HBO's new hit series "Insecure" left every guy on a high horse and Im ready to knock them back down! Have you ever forgiven a significant other for... more

One time for all my boogie bishes!! Shallow Hal, meet even Shallower, Hannah. We argue about men being bias when it comes to the women they choose to date but I know a few chicks who won't even look a guys way if shoes have scuff... more

We've all been here before... Right? lmao

Racism is real, discrimination is real, self hate is real. This is for all the beautiful darker skinned women who don't get the credit they deserve.

Frank Ocean is the new Black. Lol, I really hate writing descriptions. But yea, this is episode is about men and WOMEN who are lying or in denial about their sexuality :(