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Inter-Faith discussion, dialogue, and topics of interest. Focus on inter-faith harmony and understanding. Public arm of our Spiritual Outreach "Temple Of The Infinite Universe." www.hermetictemple.com

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We are energy, as is all of the Universe around us. Yet, most mainstream thinkers still see the world in terms of Newtonian mechanics where the Universe is not a construct of Energy and Consciousness, but rather one big well oiled machine... more

In this episode I will focus on some lost saints in Catholicism. Today's focus will be upon St. Josaphat. Canonized back in the Middle Ages Josaphat remained a Catholic saint until sometime in the 20th century when scholars realized the... more

When it comes to the question of working with Spirit Guides or praying to the Saints, some folks raised in the Monotheistic Traditions may get nervous. Can this be equated with idolatry? Is Polytheism always what it appears to be? What is... more

Each of us are different with different attitudes and areas of growth. What works for one in any area of life may not work for another in that same area. It works the same way with Spirituality. A path that is right for one may not be right for... more

When it comes to the topic of Alcoholism and other addictions in general, we can see a variety of viewpoints. To some addiction is a sin or moral weakness. To some it may be considered a life-style choice. To others it is seen as a disease... more

Perhaps you have heard people say to follow your intuition or connect with your Spirit Guide. What are some ways in which we might be able to raise our conscious awareness of our own Inner Teacher and better connect with this... more

We live in a world of war and hardship. A world in which division is preached by all the major media outlets with an "us vs. them" mentality. At the same time we teach Oneness; the understanding that all is connected in bonds that can not... more

This is a rebroadcast of a recorded interview I did with Kavita Maharaj, owner of the Red Door Yoga Studio in beautiful British Columbia Canada. We chat a bit about the Yoga practice and how one might get started. I plan on doing future... more

We have all heard of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, but what are these Beings and how can we connect and inter-act with them on a more conscious level? In this broadcast I will share some of our experiences on dealing with... more

What are the pros and cons of seeking to communicate with people who have passed on? Is talking to the dead possible and if so when is it desirable and when is it downright dangerous? I have had other worldly encounters too... more