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Called to reconcile through Jesus (2 Cor. 5:14-21; Restore the fallen (Gal. 6:1-2); Bring the Saints to full potential (Eph. 4:11-13). Let's work together!

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Well, are you tired? Have you done all that you should do and aren't satisfied with the results, or there are NO results? You are NOT alone! But the Word of the Lord comes to us for such a time as this.

August Francis and Bill Mackie discuss a recent trip to an area where revival is taking place in Wales.

A Message from the Sunday morning service at Tell Them Outreach Church, in Beaumont Texas. A question to you, What makes you mourn? Not just shed a tear, but actually a "cut wrenching" mourn from the depths of your... more

From the Sunday morning service at Tell Them Oiutreach Church, in Beaumont Texas, we present a new message. Just one question, when you're in trouble, who do you cry out to? Listen to today's message. We invite you to become... more

This message was ministered in a Sunday morning service at Tell Them Outreach Church, in Beaumont Texas. You may learn more about the ministry at: and, we invite you to "LIKE" us on Facebook at:... more

Rev. Catinia Francis ministers on the subject of renewing our minds. The Christian life is not a "one shot deal", it requires a continual feeding from the Word of God.

This is the ministry of Telll Them Outreach of Beaumont Texas. Today's message is scheduled to be a continuation of the message, "What Is Wrong With Me?" There is an answer if we will deal with it! Tell Them Outreach Email:... more

Last week we dealt with, "What Is Wrong With ...?". There, we filled in the blanks with all of the things that we have a hard time grasping regarding what is going on in our world today. We, many times, compare "now" with "then"! Things that... more

This is a question that is asked by people everyday. What is the problem with things, people, situations and systems in life? Things seem to have changed so much in our lifetime. Things that were not allowed or spoken of are done openly... more

Today we deal with the final installment of this series. It is entitled "Better Than Just Healthcare!". What could possibly be better than healthcare? This has been billed as the greatest thing that could possobly happen to mankind, but... more
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