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    The Diva Welcomes Thaao Penghlis!

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    The Diva of DOOL is pleased to have Thaao Penghlis back with us on Thursday March 16th at 9:00PM EST, 6:00PM Pacific time. Thaao has portrayed Andre and Tony DiMera on Days of our Lives for over 35 years. His other soap appearances include General Hospital and Santa Barbara. He also starred in the remake of Mission Impossible and has been in numerous movies and TV series. Thaao is an excellant writer and has had two books published. PLACES The Journey of My Days My Lives and Seducing Celebrities one Meal at a Time. He is also a world traveler and recently returned from a trip to Egypt and Greece. Call in and talk to Thaao at 914-338-1239. Press 1 to be put into the que.

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    TVFDR19 Lost and Found fan commentary

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    Jeremy, Jules and Robbie watch the Corner Gas episode "Lost and Found"  What would you do with pants you found in a ditch? What is "Canadian Cool?" or a "Canadian Tuxedo"?
    About the episode "Lost and Found"
    Brent and Hank try not to do each other any favors, while Oscar and Karen's new hobbies drive everyone mad.

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    Southgate Media Group Presents: Headless Podcast w/Special Guest John Noble

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    Southgate Media Group Presents the Headless Podcast Special live broadcast w/special guest John Noble.  Join us tonight for a chat with the multi-talented actor who has captured the hearts of fans in the SciFi world, as well as on screen and theatre.  We'll find out how he returned to 'The Hollow' and what his character Henry Parrish has in store for Ichabod Crane!  Will he finally be redeemed?  
    Don't miss a special live broadcast of the Headless Podcast! 

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    Ep. 71 - New Yorker Owen Goldenberg

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    Finally, the Bedford & Sullivan podcast returns to keep you active in the research for the developing TV series regarding Brooklyn and its Dodgers! 
    To kickstart us back up, my friend, actor, writer and fellow New Yorker Owen Goldenberg joins to discuss his father's roots in Brooklyn and how he learned of the borough's camaradie through his dad's love of baseball and the Mets.
    So, join us at 12pm ET for the latest edition of the Bedford & Sullivan podcast!

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    Binge Watch with Jay and Jack: Ep. 1.7 "Stranger Things"

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    On this episode of Binge Watch with Jay and Jack, Jay and Jack binge and discuss the Netflix series that's taking the Internet by storm, "Stranger Things."
    Become a Jay and Jack Patron! Check out their Patreon page for more information at www.patreon.com/jayandjack.
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    EP #1, Part 4 - WTF - Year in Soaps '16 - The Young & the Restless

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    In part 4 of the series premiere episode of the TVSource podcast, the Year in Soaps discussion shifts to CBS' The Young and the Restless. Contrary to popular opinion, the hosts reveal they were mostly entertained by former head writer Charles Pratt Jr.'s final year of Y&R. But with a changing of the guard behind the scenes, what are their hopes for a revitalized Y&R for 2017?
    The consensus among our hosts is Y&R's 2016 was less of a creative disaster than 2015. Pratt's storylines focused mainly on the fallout from the destruction of the year before, and while misogyny ran rampant along with plots driving characterization, in many ways the show was entertaining.
    It's easy to pin the creative failures of Y&R at the feet of Pratt, but the damage did not begin with him. He was the last in a long line of writers who came in trying to put their own stamp on an iconic show with a unique identity rather than use the blueprints already in place to add, rather than remake it in their own lacking vision. With each new change in creatives, the show became more and more chaotic.
    After years of chaotic reigns, new head writer/co-executive producer Sally Sussman, a veteran of the late great Bill Bell years, has a chance to steady the ship and she's starting off with a fiery passion. The show is forcing you to pay attention to the dialogue, the characterizations are returning to form and the show is using previous plot developments as a way to spin off into new, character-driven stories using history.
    In our hopes for 2017, we discuss the need to refocus the "lost generation" of characters such as Noah, Lily and boost their age group with the returns of Scotty Jr., Fenmore and others; giving the "young" a purpose outside of reacting to their parents' drama; rehabbing Sharon Newman and more. 

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    HBO's WestWorld Episode Ten - The Bicameral Mind

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    The Hosts take a deep dive on HBO's WestWorld Episode 10, "The Bicameral Mind". The show did a fantastic job of buttoning up certain story lines and giving us some much needed answers. We learn about Ford’s final story and how it relates to the world as a whole. We also learn about the maze and what it means for hosts like Dolores and Bernard. 
    There’s Maeve’s crew going full Terminator in the offices and how she is forced to make her own choices. 
    There’s all of this and more for the Season Finale. 

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    Late Night Girl Talk Radio with Alicia Guastaferro Reality TV Actress

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    Late Night Girl Talk is a smash Hit!!!! The broadcast had over 20,000 people that listen to the broadcast last Wednesday on Blog Talk Radio. Join Alicia G as she introduces you to up-and-coming bands and musicians that rock. This week music with feature #WBW music from  Aaliyah, Brandy, TLC and Christina Aguilera.
    There are a lot of good things that come out of New York, some things are known, but you would be amazed by the unknown. Introducing Alicia G the hostess of Girl Talk Internet Radio. Alicia G is so full of energy, so full of life and just ready to have a good time. Airing   Wednesday at 11pm est for Pillow Talk Live. Reaching listeners from as far as the US the UK, Girl talk radio is so excited to have three outstanding me of the media on Wednesday episode. First, on the plate will be Mr. Wes Clark. Mr. Clark is and filmmaker and photographer from Long Island NY. / Host of REELTALK radio and his pilot Playing Dirty produced&created by @authorkikiswinson . #Iloveplayingdirty coming soon to a streaming platform near you. Carlito KL Brigante from the family of superstars the late great Whitney Houston (cousin and daughter of Cissy Houston), Dionne Warwick (cousin), the late great pop singer Dee Warwick (cousin and sister of Dionne Warwick), Damon Elliott (cousin and son of Dionne Warwick), Felicia Moss Eaton (cousin and daughter of the late great gospel singer Ann Moss Drinkard), Gary Houston (cousin and son of Cissy Houston), David Elliott (Cousin and son of Dionne Warwick), Drinkard Singers (late great gospel family group), Cissy Houston (Aunt) and Smokey and Claudette Robinson (uncle/aunt). Plus Mr. Ronyai Hawkins the Chief executive officer at Paint With Words Inc.

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    STR #253 11/22/16 "The Rendezvous" starring Stana Katic - Screenings Continue

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    “The Rendezvous” screenings continue across America. This past Veteran’s Day this fun film was screened at the historic Tivoli theatre in the 'Cinema St. Louis Film Festival' on the 11th and then at the Ft. Worth 'Lone Star Film Festival' the very next day, November 12th.  The director Amin Matalqua along with the writer Tricia Gibbs were in attendance at the St. Louis screening and gave out a few film posters to some lucky fans. Amin also brought some posters along with him to give out at the Ft. Worth screening.
    If you attended either screening, call in tonight. Everyone would love to hear your unique thoughts on this fun adventure romance film. Just after the latest Stana News about BookABoo, Absentia, Cadaver and More...  we'll open up the STR Round Table for anyone who'd like to call/skype in to share their thoughts of encouragment to those who are still waiting patiently to see this film. 
    Photo credit/copyright: 'The Rendezvous'  | Bookaboo | 'Cadavar' | 'Absentia'
    Audio credit/copyright: STR attendance at St. Louis Cinema St. Louis screening, pre/post Q&A with Amin Matalqua and Tricia Gibbs Writer/Producer | "BookABoo Official Trailer - Amazon Kids all right reserved | 'Lost in Florence' Black Sand Pictures - Orion Pictures |

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    034 Sistah Speak After Show (11.22.63)

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    Join us as we discuss the Hulu original series, 11.22.63, which was recorded on June 10, 2016. Support the Podcast Go to sistahspeakpodcast.com/support for details on how you can support the podcast. Subscribe to the Podcast Click here to subscribe with iTunes Click here to subscribe with Google Play Music Click here to subscribe with Stitcher Click here to subscribe […]

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    Star Trek Fan Films, Quarks Treasure - Star Trek Attack Wing, Iron Fist

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    On this episode we welcome back GM Chris as he talks about Quark's Treasure on his segment, Star Trek Attack Wing-Ships of the LIne. We also have The Shopkeeper, TJ along for the ride and we will discuss Star Trek fan films and the NetFlix series, Iron Fis. And last, but, not least, Sub-Commander Charles has picked three very good Star Trek The Next Generation episodes to discuss on This Week In Star Trek History. And don't forget about Nathan, even with GM Chris back, he will still share his thoughts and give his input. ive us a call or just listen, QAPLA'