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Teens and young adults in search of personal identification about self and other issues that they faced daily in this world but willing to discuss these issues without being discriminated about their way of thinking. Also to assist our youth with Thought Management.

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When teens speak, do people listen? Natalie, age 18, described her role model as a person with ?a clear sense of what is important to her, putting forth the effort to improve and create things that will make a difference.? When Samira, also 18,... more

Examples of Youth Culture The term "youth culture" refers to the ways that teenagers conduct their lives. Youth culture can pertain to interests, styles, behaviors, music, beliefs, vocabulary, clothes, sports and dating. The concept... more

"How I define success has more to do with how I don't define it, which is as the opposite of failure. Success, in other words, has far less to do with results, accomplishments, or achievements, than I think most people realize. To me,... more

What makes police officers and the government powerless? When the American people know their rights! Police officers don't like to hear these words: "Am I free to go?" "I don't consent to a search." "I'm going to remain silent." You... more

Even though the teen pregnancy rate has declined over the past few decades, the fact of the matter is that the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate of the Western industrialized world. It is true that the teen pregnancy and birth... more

On any given day in America, it is estimated that more than 1.5 million children have a parent incarcerated in a state or federal prison. And more than 10 million children are living with a parent who has come under some form of criminal... more

The delayed entry into marriage that characterizes modern society raises questions about young adults' romantic relationship trajectories and whether patterns found to characterize adolescent romantic relationships persist into... more

Adolescence is a time of growth, development and change. Your teen will develop emotionally and socially as well as physically. This development may seem seamless to you, but there are distinct things happening in your teenager's... more

More than 4 in 10 teens admit to texting while driving, and those that do are more likely to engage in other risks while driving. If your teen texts while driving, chances are he or she also practices other dangerous motor vehicle habits... more

In 2010, males ages 15 to 19 were nearly four times more likely to commit suicide, six times more likely to be victims of homicide, and eight times more likely to be involved in a firearm-related death than were females of the same age.... more
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