Teen Groove ~ On The Move

Teen Groove ~ On The Move

Lenore Luca

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-Lenore, 18 year old Teen Host, has the newest Teen Interview & Music site to hit the web. Listen to hot new music and On-Air Interviews. You & Lenore will be together at Broadway Show openings and special events happening around the NJ/NYC area. Hear what up and coming Sports and Dance figures have to say about living their dreams. And of course lets talk teen style..... -All listeners get the opportunity to speak to Lenore and featured guests. Oh, and be a part of the fun and interesting contests. Promise to keep things always moving.... -Be sure to keep updated to see who's who on Teen Groove!! -If this is your first visit..... Welcome!! Don't forget to log into the chat & call-in so you can be a part of the show too! ****** "You only get one life to work it. So who cares if it's not perfect. I'll say its close enough to perfect for me." **

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Ashlee Keating & Stone Erickson

Carson Lueders

Daphne Blunt

Elizabeth Stanton from Elizabeth Stantons Great Big World.

Back To School ft. IM5

End of Summer ft. Tim Pocock from NBC's Camp!

Comedian Wil Sylvince & Jay Leighton

Mollee Gray & Lavendine

Lenore welcomes Mason Musso from Metro Station to Teen Groove On The Move. The band is back together and releasing new music after 3 years. Their latest EP "Middle Of The Night" August 20th!

Benjamin Stockham & Isabella Palmieri
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