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Maddy, Katherine, Katelynn, and guests talk about things important to teens. To contact Maddy, please email Part of the BC Radio Network.

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Did you know 1.1 Billion people lack clean water? Did you know that 10 dollars can give a person a LIFETIME supply of water? Want to help? It's easy! We have Brenda from the charity H2O project to explain. The website is... more

Maddy and Katelynn discuss teen topics like the Kids' Choice Awards (and Chris Brown), teachers getting fired, and more!

Our guest: Danielle Herb who does Natural Horsemanship. She uses horses to help ADD/ADHD and autistic children to help their illnesses without the use of prescription medication. Her website is:

Benjamin Lang comes on, who started a business helping adults in hard times, because of the economy sell their stuff on eBay and craigslist. His website is:

This week we have Savannah from, a fashion website. She also does modeling.

Even though they were stood up by their guest, Maddy, Katherine, and Patrico still had a good time. Listen in!

We are accompanied by another teen genius, Rajon Mozee of blaze computer systems. Check back for more. He can take any cell phone or nintendo psp and make it do whatever you want it to do even if the company does not... more

We talk to Patricio Quezada of Hispanics Learn. He is in his senior year of high school and is teaching hispanics how to use electronics.

Join Maddy, Katherine, and Katelynn as they talk to Kris Manley, who will tell us why teens should have resumes (Pay attention parents!) Also, they will discuss things like the girl who sent 14,000 texts in one month!

Maddy, Katelynn, and Katherine talk with another teen genious, Matthew Turcotte, who is running his own web business,