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–“Message From The Top Of The World”

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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They say that those who make it to the Grail Castle, never seem to really make it all the way back… They don't fit in the practical world like before…

And, it’s for sure, they do outstanding things thereafter… But they’re no longer feats of prowess or ego-driven spectaculars…

What happens there? What is it?...

What is this mystical presence that the scientists – yet – cannot measure that makes every spiritually aware person hyper tuned into the ages, to the purpose of the Cosmos?

Machu Picchu is the most sacred ground of the Incas… It contains several temples, and there are only a select number in the world at or above this elevation of 2,430 meters…

And at Machu Picchu you find the Inca Temple of the Sun. This is one of those select places on Earth – this one being 1½ miles in elevation – where light shines through a tiny aperture in the Temple wall at the exact moment of the June Summer Solstice when the life-giving sun is coming for a new generative cycle is born.

Pristine, powerful electronic rays from the sun shine through the small opening in the Temple wall lighting onto a sacred rock, the mineral connection, the magnetic rod to the core of the Earth, the spiritual foundations of the Universe.

Ted Ciuba is traveling there. I'm sure he won't return the same.

And he's promised to share with you what the Gods are calling him there for, their message from the top of the world.

This is high voltage, and in this holomagic world we live in, this message is meant for you, direct from the Temple of the Sun at Machu Picchu in the high Andes of Perú, the spiritual pole of the world.

Tune to the spiritual voltage expert voltage handlers Ted Ciuba and Chap Oscar entertain, enlighten, and empower you with!