Secure Backups – Key to Business Survivability

Ajay Gupta

Ajay Gupta

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One of the questions I'm asked frequently by clients is to compare the security risk and effectiveness of handling offsite backups via tapes transported by armored carrier vs electronically through an encrypted channel.  This is a good question because reliable and secure data backups is essential for the survivability of your business.  Having your backup tapes picked up by armored career and transported to a secure offsite location can be expensive, especially should you need to have your tapes brought back in an unscheduled delivery for a restore.

A key to storing backups electronically and off-site is strong encryption.  We'll discuss how encrypted communications works, the costs involved and what's required of end users in order to make a secure, electronic data backups a viable option for your enterprise.

We'll be joined by Michael Ryan, CEO of South River Technologies, Inc, in discussing the inner workings of secure electronic communications.

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