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Tech innovations occur faster than we can comprehend. Technology Today takes the effort out of learning what's new & how to leverage it all.

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The relative high cost and poor outcomes of the US healthcare system as compared to the rest of the developed world is well documented. In his first Inaugural Address, President Obama promised to ?wield technology's wonders?... more

Ever wonder where these military-themed video games come from? How are game programmers and software designers able to make war scenarios and military equipment so life-like? Much has been made about potential adverse... more

Video Games are often considered the bane of modern day existense. That they are nothing more than a means to dull the brain with no productive outcome. Well, those who hold this opinion may be surprised to know that video games and... more

News reports abound on the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and the potential consequences this can have for the security of the US and our way of life. The Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy is a unique approach... more

Apple's new OS, iOS 7, and two new phones, the iPhone 5c and 5s, have received a lot of attention. And they've sold 9 million phones in the first weekend of sales. One feature that hasn't recevied as much discussion as may be... more

Join us on Tuesday, September 10th as Technology Today takes a look at RFID and Supply Chain technologies and discusses the future of these with specific focus on enabling new mobile platforms and mobile management of supply... more

Can a video game merge with elements of our real world surroundings through a smart phone app? Is this the birth of Reality Video Games? And the next frontier for mobile gaming and our mobile devices? Join us at a special Day and Time... more

Digital Health is a growing segment of the consumer electronic industry - its certainly occupying more and more floor space at the annual CES show in Las Vegas. This week, Catherine Calarco of HearthMath (www.hearthmath.com)... more

Business Intelligence has long been considered the best approach to increasing the effectiveness of operational management and business decision making. But its remained an elusive, and all to often, an unacheived goal for far too many.... more

This episode of Technology Today discusses Screen Scraping. Many aren't even aware of this threat. We will show you how hackers - often using automated programs or bots - are using this technique to steal your intellectual property as... more