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    Innovation Talks: Voices of IBM Security

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    Today, IBM made a series of announcements, including the planned acquisition of Resilient Systems, Inc., that will aim to provide organizations with a proactive, comprehensive approach to respond to cyber breaches more quickly and effectively across consulting, services and products. With Resilient Systems, a leader in incident response, IBM will be in a position to provide the industry’s first integrated end-to-end Security Operations and Response Platform offering that spans the entire life cycle of an attack, from protection and detection to response.  Hear more in this podcast from the team behind the effort.

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    GSMC Technology Podcast Episode 62: Netflix reaches new heights

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    In this episode of the GSMC Technology Podcast host Tom Dougherty talks about Netflix and their impressive quarterly reports. He gives his thoughts on the issues Apple is having with the next model of the iPhone as well as Google and its new Android phones. He aslo talks about Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and their viability in esports. Lastly he goes over Snapchats new fuction allowing users to create their own "lens".
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    Brilliant Smart Lighting Interview, Computer and Tech News

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    First Segment: Brilliant. Aaron Emigh, CEO
    Our vision at Brilliant is to create technology that makes it easy and fun to interact directly with your home. We envision a world in which every environment, homes in particular, can communicate directly with its guests in a way that is simple and fun. Controlling an environment should be as easy as flipping a switch, so it’s really no surprise that’s where we started – replacing the light switch with an ambient computing device, and building the interaction model of the future.
    Second Segment: Computer and Technology News
    Today’s Topics Include:
    Android Apps Full Of Illegal Data Collection of Children
    Police Use WhatsApp Photo To ID A Drug Dealer

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    Flying Cars Are Finally Here!

    in Technology

    Flying cars are here! Our chat with Skyrunner, an FAA-certified car
    Why cut your lawn when you can have a robot do it for you? Husqvarna joins us to talk about its Automower 315x.
    We chat with Slack about the mega-popular communication and collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes.

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    The Coolest Hacks of 2016

    in Technology

    In past years, security researchers have discovered ways to hack cars, medical devices, automated teller machines, and many other targets. Dark Reading editors discuss some of the most unusual and creative ways that researchers have uncovered in 2016, and what these new vulnerabilities might mean for the coming year.

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    Larry speaks with Donna Rice Hughes of Enough is Enough

    in Technology

    Larry Magid and Donna Rice Hughes discuss on public wi-fi, fake news, and how the incoming administration can approach online safety.

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    Intel Chip Chat Live - Network Insights - Mobile World Congress 2018

    in Technology

    It's Chip Chat: Network Insights coming to you from Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Host Allyson Klein interviews luminaries from the Network world, always keeping you up to date on the latest happenings and announcements.
    Intel® Chip Chat: Network Insights is a recurring podcast series that delves into the technologies, topics and issues facing the networking industry. These informal, one-on-one interviews with industry experts examine the network transformation taking place through the adoption of software defined networking and network functions virtualization across telecommunication & enterprise organizations.

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    The Blockchain Revolution - Episode 01

    in Technology

    Heard about Bitcoin or Blockchain Technologies? Learn about the revolution this techonology will bring us. Your host, Ryan Shea, has on select guests to disscuss how Blockchain and Cyrpto currencies/assets will change your life. 

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    Microsoft President Kevin Peesker Talks About The Need For More Women In STEM

    in Technology

    At the recent Long View Systems #ActivateDigital2018 Conference, I had the opportunity to meet with some of the most notable thought leaders from the high tech industry and beyond.
    In what is the first of eight podcast interviews I did with amazing individuals such as Microsoft’s new President Kevin Peesker, NetApp’s Jon Mellon, and HPE’s new Vice President and General Manager John Dathan about digital transformation and its impact on our world today.
    This week I sit down with Microsoft President Kevin Peesker.

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    CTT Take 2 May 5 2010 3:31PM

    in Technology

    CTT May 5 2010 3:31PM

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    Let me introduce you to the TABTechnology Tool Chest!

    in Technology

    Technology and computer literacy are important skills necessary to succeed personally and professionally.  Just like a carpenter needs the right tools, along with the knowledge and expertise on how to use such tools to succeed, so do we need the right tools in our technology tool chest to succeed in various aspects of our lives.  During this TABRadio broadcast session we will introduce our concept of a TABTechnology Tool Chest (Technology And Business Tool Chest) while focusing on April as Financial Literacy Month.  Therefore, featuring commonly used features within Microsoft Excel and looking at some under-used features all geared to help us with our personal and business finances.  We will discuss 50 general technology and computer literacy items you can also immediately add to your tool chest during our TABWeek celebration starting on April 29th and ending on May 3rd.  During which time we are offering four days of FREE webinars covering everything from "What's Under the Hood of Your Laptop/Computer System" to "Purchasing the right Microsoft Office Suite Product."  Visit www.tabtraining.com/tabweek.htm to learn more about and how to register for the upcoming webinars.  We are limiting each webinar to ONLY the first 10 that register, and we will be giving away an exclusive offer at the end of each of the webinars.

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