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    Employment Resources On the Internet 2016

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    This program will be featuring my Subject Tracer Employment Resources 2016. We will be highlighting the latest and greatest resources and sources for employment covering search engines, subject directories, articles, guides and tracers....literally everything on the Internet for EMPLOYMENT!!!! We will also discussing my latest freely available Awareness Watch Newsletter V14N5 May 2016 featuring 2016 Directory of Directories and my freely available May 2016 Zillman Column highlighting ChatterBots Resources On the Internet 2016. You may call in to ask your questions at (718)508-9839. The show is live and thirty minutes in length starting at 2:00pm EST on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 and then archived for easy review and access. Listen, Call and Enjoy!!  

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    Telemedicine: Is there a doctor in your browser?

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    Every year there are tremendous advancements in science and medicine. One arena that is taking off like a rocket to the moon is Telemedicine. Just a couple of years ago Telemedicine was often referred to as a novel idea that wasn’t quite practical. Well babe, all that has changed. Today Doctors and insurance companies are starting to embrace Telemedicine, partially because of because of the rising cost of healthcare and partially because it is practical to really to it. In this article about Telemedicine, we will explore just how quickly doctors are adding this tool to their medicine chest and how it will affect you the consumer of modern day medicine. So read on and learn from this week’s Working the Web to win as we explore - Telemedicine: Is There a Doctor in your Browser? 

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    Rich On Tech Live!

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    TV tech guy Rich DeMuro takes your phone calls and answers your pressing tech questions live. Whether it's what phone to buy or which cloud service to store your photos in, Rich weighs in on a variety of tech topics.

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    Presenting Your Data: Visualizing the Data

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    Join us for Session 3 of the All Analytics A2 Academy, The Results Are In: Presenting Data to Decision Makers. As data continues to grow in size and scope, it is easy to get lost in it. The spreadsheet is no longer the best way to look at most data. As data changes, the way we work with data needs to change as well. Complex data means we need to rely more on computer assistance and on figuring out ways for humans to digest more complicated information. In this episode we will explore:
    New methods of displaying data The value of automating some complex decisions 3D printing as used in data visualization When to use visualization How to tell a story with data

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    MAP 201: Expanding your Policy

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    If your organization has ever considered expanding or refining your existing price policy you may be wondering what’s next. In our previous MAP segment, MAP 101 your Channel IQ host Anthony was joined by Freeborn Peters, LLC attorney Gene Zelek, an expert in the field of pricing policy and told you how to get started. Now it’s time for a deeper education. In this segment you’ll learn about building your policy even more as we touch on:
    Resale Price Programs Minimum Advertised Price Policy The difference between a policy and a program Combatting retail price erosion The “rule of reason” The Canadian Perspective The European Perspective Much more Join us for this informative half-hour discussion and then wrap up your education with our next segment MAP 301, available on February 6, 2014. If you have questions please feel free to contact the experts at Channel IQ and we’ll be glad to help you find the solutions.

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    BDPA iRadio: April 26, 2016

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    The BDPA iRadio Show creates a vibrant communications platform that speaks to all BDPA stakeholders.  We have an exciting line-up for our show on April 26, 2016.
    - Leroy White, Chapter President, BDPA Dayton - Nekeisha Rouse, Senior Business Analyst, K. Hovnanian Companies, LLC.  
    The BDPA iRadio Show. Linking Business, Education and Technology. The BDPA iRadio Show creates a vibrant communications platform that speaks to all BDPA stakeholders. Sponsored by the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation, and BETF Executive Director Wayne Hicks. Produced by Franne McNeal. Studio Engineering by Everaldo Gallimore. Co-Hosting by Franne McNeal, Timothy Butts, Jala Cruz and Ronald Story. The BDPA iRadio Show broadcasts the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. Join us on blogtalkradio.com/BDPA.

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    First Gig City in Ohio Brings the Best of Both (fiber & wireless) Worlds

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    With all the hype about fiber, we sometimes forget wireless still has an important role to play. Fairlawn, Ohio supports over 22,000 people every day in addition to its 7,400 residents, so they had to have guaranteed super-fast, reliable and flexible Internet access. Their infrastructure solution made them one of the highlights of the recent Broadband Communities Summit.
    Ernie Staten, Dep. Director of Fairlawn’s Public Service Department, and Mitch Drake, Fujitsu Network Communications’ Executive Engagement Leader, throw back some covers and show off best practices that made their network leading edge. Fujitsu is the lead private sector partner in this public-private partnership.
    Fairlawn set an ambitious agenda to meet a number of goals including:
    promote commercial and residential growth; stimulate economic development in the City; provide a carrier-grade wireless network; draw in entrepreneurs and high tech ventures; and improve City services and public safety communications.  

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    PODCAST: Managing the Cost of “Free” Money Insights from IPT 2016

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    In the following podcast interview, Brandon Hayes, a Senior Manager at Altus Group, discusses his upcoming presentation at 2016 IPT Annual Conference, which highlights credits and incentives and managing the cost of “free money.”

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    Federal Tech Trends - IT Priorities and the Impact of Tight Budgets in 2016

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    There are many different areas of need when it comes to technology and IT across the federal government and its disparate agencies. While cybersecurity remains a concern following the massive OPM breach, agencies are also dealing with modernization of legacy systems and the need to modernize and increase interoperability of their networks.
    In this episode of the Modern Network Radio, Tim Solms, the Vice President of U.S. Federal Government and Managing Director of Worldwide Government at Juniper Networks, joins us to discuss the IT priorities of decision makers across the federal government in 2016 and beyond, and how the budget uncertainty in Congress - and due to the ongoing election - is impacting the IT acquisition process within agencies.

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    Innovation Talks: Voices of IBM Security

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    Today, IBM made a series of announcements, including the planned acquisition of Resilient Systems, Inc., that will aim to provide organizations with a proactive, comprehensive approach to respond to cyber breaches more quickly and effectively across consulting, services and products. With Resilient Systems, a leader in incident response, IBM will be in a position to provide the industry’s first integrated end-to-end Security Operations and Response Platform offering that spans the entire life cycle of an attack, from protection and detection to response.  Hear more in this podcast from the team behind the effort.

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    Creating Social Communities Around Schools

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    Jack Campisi, Director of Communications and Partnerships at The Bleachers Corporation joined Deb Evans and Jack Monson on Social Geek Radio to share how The Bleachers Corporation creates social communities around schools.
    BLEACHERS streams LIVE + On Demand HD video of athletics, performing arts, and special events from K-12 private boarding and independent day schools, to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, wherever you are in the world.

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