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    IoUC Presents: Digital Citizenship with Mike Ribble

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    Deb and Tom, from Internet of Unintended Consequences (www.tiouc.com), explore this month's theme of "Digital Citizenship" with Mike Ribble of digitalcitizenship.net.  What does it mean?  According to Ribble "it is the approrpiate repsonsible use of technology."  How does that relate to being a citizen?  Or is it that we must expand our traditional ideas of "citizen" to the digital and online world.  Join us as we explore the nine elements of digital citizenship and how they apply to each of us. Twitter: #IoUCDigCit, www.facebook.com/tiouc
    Dr. Mike Ribble author of the books Digital Citizenship in Schools (soon to be in its 3rd edition) and Raising a Digital Child has worked within the education field his entire career.  He has been a science educator and an assistant principal at the high school level.   Dr. Ribble has taught as an adjunct faculty member at the community college and the university level.  Currently, he works as the director of technology for a school district in Kansas.  Dr. Ribble has spoken on the topic of digital citizenship to parents, teachers and students in the United States and internationally.  Mike has written articles for THE Magazine, District Administrator, Leading & Learning, Kappa Delta Pi Record and Innovate My School.  Dr. Ribble is interested in helping students, teachers and parents understand the issues around technology and how to use these tools appropriately.  His current work is focused around character education and how that can improve user’s online profile.

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    Are biometrics truly the best authentication factor?

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    With the inclusion of the thumbprint scanner on iPhones, it's safe to assume that practically every American has had some interaction or introduction with biometrics. However, are fingerprint and other biometric factors the best way to secure our devices and accounts?
    In this episode of the Access Granted Radio, we sit down with Authomate's CEO - Jeff Schmidt - to discuss the use of biometrics in authentication and why they may not be the perfect solution that many peopleconsider them to be.

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    Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, & Digital Human Enhancements

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    LISTEN LIVE tonight at 7pm EST to Josh and Kat on TheGeekParent Talk Show. We talk Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Think Robocop, Battlestar Galactica, Terminator, and Wall-E. Is it possible? Would you do it? Is there room for this new kind of X-men? And what are the pros and cons? 

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    Profiling Franchisees

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    Deb Evans, Franchise Foundry and Jack Monson, Manalto are joined by Rebecca Monet, founder and past president of Proven Match LLC, and Zoracle chief scientist. Monet has been in the franchise consulting and psychometric assessment business since 1993.  Monet is known for her uncanny ability to draw performance correlations. She is fascinated with neurology and human performance as it relates to business success. She is dedicated to helping franchisors recruit, qualify, train and support franchisees. 
    Join Social Geek Radio live or download on iTunes as the hosts and guest discuss what a franchisor should keep in mind when selecting a profiling franchise tool.
    Connect with Deb, Jack on Twitter

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    PODCAST: Telehealth and Collaboration Trends

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    Welcome to the TechSource podcast series. Today we are speaking with Dan Klanderman, Senior Solution Architect for the Collaboration Practice at Iron Bow, who will discuss key telehealth and collaboration trends.

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    If You Don't Register Your Domain Name Your Competitors Or A Cyberbully Will.

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    In this blog Gregory Evans talks about how you can protect your identity, your kids identity, fight cyberbullying, and increase your business by taking business from your competitors.
    "You have to register your personal domain name and all your business domain names like the .com, .net, .org or your competitors or that bully that does not like you will", says Evans.

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    Facial Recognition: Learn About The Pros & Cons From The CEO Of FaceFirst

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    If one were to examine the Biometric Modalities which are available today, the one technology which would stand out in terms of recognition by the public is that of Facial Recognition.  Why is this so?  Well, after the tragic incidents of 9/11, Facial Recognition, received a lot attention by the press and the media as the "cure all" technology for all of the security ailments present in the United States at the time.  But when Facial Recognition failed to live up to its standards, it was ripped apart to shreds even as a viable technology.  Also, Facial Recognition can be used very covertly, thus creating claims of privacy rights and civil liberties violations by the American public.  In this radio show, we interview Mr. Joe Rosenkrantz, CEO of FaceFirst.  From him, we will find out first hand how successful or not Facial Recognition actually is, and the kinds of deployments which they have implemented.  We will also discuss with him the social implications of Facial Recognition, and what it means to the American society as a whole.

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    Zipwhip unifies SMS (text-messaging) capabilities for landlines and 800 numbers

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    Text messaging is and will remain the most ubiquitous medium for messaging. Innovative technology from Zipwhip is helping landlines and 800 numbers to finally be able to send and receive text messages.  Join the hosts of MREC Talk Radio as they chat with Dan Westra from Zipwhip to discuss how they have made texting available for millions of landlines.
    About Our Guest
    Dan Westra | @ziphwhipinc
    Dan Westra started recruiting in Seattle, WA. in the late nineties for a national firm during the dot.com boom.  In the year following the dot.com crash he founded his own recruiting and contract-staffing firm that he grew to over 120 employees before selling in the summer of 2008.  Since then he has been involved with several start-ups in primarily Business Development and Recruiting roles and most recently with Zipwhip where he leads the development of their “Cloud Texting” platform for the Recruiting and Staffing Industries.

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    Satellite Nation

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    Join SatelliteGuys members KE4EST (Michael) and WallyHTS (Dave) tonight on "Satellite Nation!" Satellite Nation is down home talk about the world of Satellite including news, tips, reviews and how to get the most from your satellite system!  

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    Interview With An MSP Successfully UsingTelemarketing!

    in Technology

    We have a chance to speak with the Dir of Operations at Sling Stone IT and get an inside look and how they are successful selling managed services.  We will be interviewing Tyler Lawrence who also oversees the sales and marketing for this computer business based in San Diego and Orange County, CA.
    We will be focusing our discussion on how they have been able to leverage their use of outbound telemarketing to generate sales leads that they have been able to convert into new customers.  The two main areas that have set them apart from many of their peers is how they have improved their IT service delivery model along with keeping their foot on the marketing gas pedal!
    If you're an MSP that is looking to grow your computer business then make sure to tune in Next Thursday Nov 10th at 2:00 Central and see if you can glean some secrets from this marketing Guru who is currently in the trenches selling managed services!

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    Cyber Security Awareness: The Changing Threat Landscape

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    In keeping with Cyber Security Awareness Month, our guest this week will be a member of the ESET Security Research team! We are going talk about the changing threat landscape and how my own ESET Smart Security software alerted me to my recent website hacks before the search engines got to it.

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