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  • Scheduled System Maintenance

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    No live shows can be scheduled at this time.

  • IoT Joins the Enterprise: Find Your Opportunities for the Internet of Things

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    Let's start with the basics: Learn more about the IoT's adoption cycle, what sets it apart from Machine-to-Machine (M2M) networking, and why the IoT matters to your organization. We will discuss how to identify opportunities for revenue growth and operational efficiencies in the IoT, and how you might focus your IoT initiative. We will examine what separates the enterprise IoT from the consumer portion, and where the two realms intersect. Learn about:
    Where IoT applications are returning value to enterprises today What the IoT can mean to your organization and to you as a citizen Where you might already have elements of the IoT in place today How to think through where you can use the IoT in your organization

  • IoT Joins the Enterprise: The IoT Infrastructure, From Device to Database

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    The Internet of Things is more than a host of devices pinging a network. The device is just the entry point. We will walk you through some IoT architectures to show how your organization can collect, manage, and integrate device data into applications. We will discuss what pioneering companies have learned about the technologies -- devices, networks, and data management and analytics tools -- the people, and the processes that are critical to an IoT strategy. Learn about:
    Who in your organization needs to be involved in an IoT Initiative? What type of investment you might have to make Where some early adopters have made mistakes The types of skillsets and tools you need for your analytics team

  • IoT Joins the Enterprise: Strategies for Managing & Using All That Data

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    Don't wait until the data starts to flow before you figure out how you are going to store, organize, analyze, and find value in data. We will discuss how your planning for an IoT initiative can help you identify what data you need -- and what you don't need -- from networked devices and how you can avoid drowning in data while you gain insight about your operations and your customers. You also will learn about the security risks and best practices relating to protecting new types of internal operational data and information derived from customer devices and activity. Learn about:
    How to do a data triage About fitting new device data types into your data architecture and formats About best practices in securing data, whether internal or customer information How other companies are handling archival device data

  • #702 Startup "How to Series" Create and Launch an App with Sharon Simmons

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    Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur, Sharon L. Simmons has created the ultimate guide for building your OWN App! As the CEO of software company, Trafalgar Solutions, and developer of her own iGot'em App (Available on iTunes), Simmons teaches you, step-by-step, you'll need this tool to build the amazing App that you've always dreamed of having! If you don't code this book will help you get your thoughts organized, help you with research and prepare you for your developer. The iGot'em App is global and yours can be, too! We invite you to Join Our Monthly Discussion, we ask you to 1) Purchase the Book 2) Join Our Text Contact List - Text the Word "Launch" to 41411 from your smartphone 3) Dial in for our live Q&A with the Author and TWEET Up with us an hour afterwards #TechXOChat http://www.amazon.com/Get-App-Outta-Your-Head-ebook/dp/B00LIOPMU0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422317249&sr=8-1&keywords=get+the+app+outta+your+head&pebp=1422317256675&peasin=B00LIOPMU0  

  • IoT Joins the Enterprise: Put IoT Data into Action

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    The value in the Internet of Things will be reflected in business applications that drive new revenue or bring operational efficiencies. It will be up to the analytics team, working closely with business unit leaders and application developers, to turn device data into alert systems for corporate equipment, to identify customer trends, and to build efficiency into inventory and supply systems. Learn about:
    Adapting data mining techniques for the new volumes and types of data coming from devices How enterprises are applying predictive analytics to IoT data Where IoT data can enhance existing applications How other companies are keeping their focus on putting data to work, not letting it gather dust

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  • IoT Joins the Enterprise: The Internet of Things as Your Link to Customers

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    Consider the ways you can support the new customer experience, such as the ability to relate a consumer's activity on your website with their later appearance on in-store proximity beacons. How can you enhance that shopper's experience? Think about ability for a company like GE to optimize the performance and lifespan of a multi-million-dollar piece of heavy equipment at a customer site, improving customer production by 10% or more. How does that translate into customer satisfaction? Then there is the relationship with your own suppliers and trusted business partners. If the IoT allows you to optimize your inventory system, what positive impact in terms of predictability does that have on your own supply partners? This episode will delve deeper into opportunities, highlighting examples that your organization can learn from and emulate. Learn about:
    How IoT supports new business models driven by services Where the consumer IoT, including the smart home and smart car, intersects with the corporate IoT How you can mitigate customer privacy concerns, and get "buy-in" on device data sharing Where the IoT drives your brand even without direct impact on revenue

  • #704 Next Level - I.T. Executive Showcase w/ Guest Host Felicia Jones

    in Technology

    Next Level Technology Foundation Founder, Felicia Jones will Guest Host every 4th Saturday - Various C-Level Executives will talk about their journey and success!  Plan to Listen, Learn, Leverage & Launch!   Let us be your Virtual Mentor.  If you have a question for one of our guest, email it to technologyexpresso@gmail.com include the name of the guest or show.


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    Gary Voss is a visionary and well renowned speaker in many circles about his personal experiences including contact with Angelics, ET's, and others from around the world who claim to be Earth embodiments on assignment. Gary is a member/supporter of the Exopolitics team and founder of TAP-TEN Research, an International Think-Tank that explores the latest in advanced aerospace & engineering technologies for the development of alternative energy & propulsion concepts. Gary has been a featured guest on a variety of  radio programs and social networks discussing his latest venture he calls "Green Aid" which involves recruiting the music industry to bring about educational awareness and provide funding to construct off-grid community projects that utilize the latest cutting edge developments that involve alternative energy and green building technologies.

  • #Career and Job Forecast Series with Ken Reaves of Charter Global

    in Technology

    Do you have a question about your career and employment options in I.T.? Would you like to know how to move up the corporate ladder?  Do you want to understand various Options and career paths within I.T. - Ask Ken Reaves!  This is an episode you won't want to miss.
    If you are in I.T. or pursuing a career in I.T. - Send your career dilemma and challenges to technologyexpresso@gmail.com
    Listen. Learn. Leverage. Launch.

  • #OpenMic - Practice Your Pitch for Your App Idea, Software or Website

    in Technology

    CALLING ALL Tech Expresso #Grinders Innovators and Inventors!  
    Even if you are still in the idea stage - Call in 714-888-7506 during our show and you can pitch your idea, your app, your business idea or even a book you are authoring.  
    Practise your elevator speech and promote your start-up.  We'll give each caller 10-15 minutes to talk and we'll ask questions.   The best ideas will get invited back to do a full half hour to hour show.  
    Use this opportunity to get exposure to potential customers, supporters and sponsors.  #PracticeYour Pitch #NeverKnowWhoisListening
    We will give you feedback and guidance - email us @ technologyexpresso@gmail.com for more information about our Open Mic Episode and Small Business Incubator of Ideas!

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