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    No live shows can be scheduled at this time.

  • #904 Next Level Technology Foundation Founder, Felicia Jones, Guest Host

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    Next Level Technology Foundation Founder, Felicia Jones, Guest Host every 4th Saturday - Varies C-Level, Minority Executives.  To talk about their journey and success!  Listen, Learn, Leverage, Launch!   Your Virtual Mentor.  Do you have a question for one of our guest, email it to technologyexpresso@gmail.com include the name of the guest or show.
    This episode we get to know Felicia and have her talk about her career and achievements in I.T. #WomenInTechnology
    Felicia Jones serves as the President of Next Level Technology Foundation, Inc. which is devoted to the development of tomorrow's leaders today, preparing the current crop of IT professionals for the next level in career advancement and beyond.  Ms. Jones is the chief executive officer overseeing all general management and orders of the corporation. She organized the very first of its kind Minority Executive IT Forum which provides insight into how minority executives have broken through the glass ceiling to become leaders in various fortune 500 companies. The event serves as a fundraiser to support the BDPA Atlanta Chapter in educating youth about technology. Ms. Jones has over 19 years of experience in the Information Technology field and professional experience including the implementation and management of software solutions while working in several Fortune 500 companies. She serves on the national board of BDPA as the South Regional Director and is the Immediate Past President of BDPA Atlanta Chapter.  She is a military veteran and has a B.A. in Business.

  • #905 OpenMic - Practice Your Pitch for Your App Idea, Software or Website

    in Technology

    CALLING ALL Tech Expresso #Grinders Innovators and Inventors!  
    Even if you are still in the idea stage - Call in 714-888-7506 during our show and you can pitch your idea, your app, your business idea or even a book you are authoring.  
    Practise your elevator speech and promote your start-up.  We'll give each caller 10-15 minutes to talk and we'll ask questions.   The best ideas will get invited back to do a full half hour to hour show.  
    Use this opportunity to get exposure to potential customers, supporters and sponsors.  #PracticeYour Pitch #NeverKnowWhoisListening
    We will give you feedback and guidance - email us @ technologyexpresso@gmail.com for more information about our Open Mic Episode and Small Business Incubator of Ideas!

  • #906 Tips to Improve Your Next Career Progression and Job Prospects

    in Technology

    Do you have a question about your career and employment options in I.T.? Would you like to know how to move up the corporate ladder?  Do you want to understand various Options and career paths within I.T. - Ask Ken Reaves!  This is an episode you won't want to miss.
    If you are in I.T. or pursuing a career in I.T. - Send your career dilemma and challenges to technologyexpresso@gmail.com
    Listen. Learn. Leverage. Launch.

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