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  • InformationWeek Live for the Week of January 3, 2016

    in Technology

    Join us for a roundup of the top stories on InformationWeek.com for the week of November 15, 2015. We'll be talking with the InformationWeek.com editors and correspondents who brought you the top stories of the week to get the "story behind the story." We'll be sure to wrap things up with the always thought-provoking Geekend writer David Wagner.
    Join us for the show and for the incredible Friday Afternoon Conversation that runs beside the program. This is your chance to talk with your fellow InformationWeek.com community members about the news items that mean the most to your profession, your enterprise, and your work life. We'll look forward to having your voice in the discussion!

  • What High School Computer Competition has trained over 17,000 Students?

    in Technology

    The BDPA National High School Computer Competition, (HSCC), was founded in 1986 by Dr. Jesse Bemley, of Washington, D.C. What started as a two-team event between Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Ga. has grown to over 20 teams of various high school students from chapters throughout the nation. It's all designed to introduce our Youth to the field of Information Technology, encourage them to seek higher levels of education, and groom many of them to become our next generation of IT professionals.
    Once at the National Conference, students will be able to attend Workshops and Seminars covering topics related to Personal Development, Academic Development, Youth Entrepreneurship and Information Technology. They will be able to participate in activities including, Corporate Sponsored luncheons and receptions, visits to educational places in the hosting city (i.e. museums), and networking evenings with IT professionals and students from around the country. On top of all this, they get to showcase their talents in the National Competition which consists of a timed computerized written exam, oral questions and the development of a web application per specifications. If they feel creative, they can also participate in a T-Shirt Design Competition. 

  • Larry Perry is the Man When it comes to Web Design Digital Media Graphics &more

    in Technology

    STEAM represents STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Math).  The A in STEAM stands for Arts, as you may know. I can say that we recently met one man, Larry Perry, that skillfully manuvuers between the High Tech world,] and at the same time leverages the science, engineering and math involved in his craft to create one of a kind visual art, designs on every type of media you can image - Television, Radio, Video and Live Evenets.
    Larry Perry of Atlanta (by way of Memphis) is a UI/UX Architect / Web Developer with over 19 years of experience creating dynamic and responsive websites, mobile apps and delivering rich media content.
    With 18 years of experience in Information Technology and Corporate Marketing, Larry Perry also has his own brand(s) including Epic 1 and will soon be adding a new brand.
    Larry states "We are a new generation of thinkers, designed to do one thing, succeed". "It is our goal to consistantly create the most dynamic and content rich marketing media, websites and commercials. Every product and service we provide is designed to be functional for our customers."
    You DO NOT want to miss this show!
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